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April 30, 2009

Citibank requested permission to pay employees bonuses after the Government bailout as they were profitable?Here is my American tax payer response to this request.When you have payed back all that was borrowed with interest in full you are again free to pay bonuses as you see fit but realize you may not get a second chance at the tax payers expense.Until your debt is paid the only bonus your staff will have is a job which many Americans would be grateful for in the current economic situation.Maybe this simple philosophy will encourage your staff to work a little harder to pay the debt they owe back to the American tax payer so they can get a bonus they actually deserve.



April 28, 2009

It appears we have two policies on immigration one for Mexicans and one for everyone else. The policies for Mexicans is to sneak across the border have children at the expense of the American tax payers sign up for benefits including social security and demand citizenship. We must also provide Spanish as an alternate language so there is no discrimination as many Mexicans refuse to speak English even though this is America. Many Mexicans feel California belongs to Mexico and the intend to have her back. Other immigrants from countries over seas must learn English as well and know some American history as be on a waiting list .Over seas immigrants would never be allowed to enter as the Mexicans do.TO me this appears to be a double standard and discrimination  against those who actually obey the laws of this country.America is known for diversity which makes us a great nation but this diversity is slipping away due to abuse of our lax policies on the the border with Mexico California will soon be riddled with drugs poverty and corruption.We must have fairness in our immigration policies to avoid the demise of the integrity of this Nation.The policies of the Bush administration sucked and obama is even worse.obama is more concerned with the welfare of foreign nations as opposed to America.

Pelosi knew about CIA Water boarding

April 26, 2009

As obama turned on the CIA to hang some top Bush officials he may of shot down a few liberals in the hunt.Allegations are flying that Nancy Pelosi as well as other democrats knew about water boarding these are allegations that are being denied who is telling the truth shall be known soon unless the bimbo obama puts a stop on the whole investigation in an attempt to save face and salvage his party’s integrity.His whole career has been secretative so this would not surprise me if this investigation went away or Pelosi was left out as this is how the corrupt political machine operates.

Stupid Janet Napolitano

April 24, 2009

The obama administration in its hast to fill a cabinet has show how incompetent it really is by putting Napolitano in charge of Homeland security as she is dumber than Nancy Pelosi which is something I thought impossible.This Woman has not made one correct decision or statement since put in office.She is the most anti American cabinet ever to sit in this office and is a national security threat due to ignorance and incompetence.She should be fired and exported to Mexico with revocation of her U S  citizenship.She is Duuuuuuuuuumb.

Waterboarding Where there is smoke there is fire.

April 24, 2009

It appears the Democrats are scrambling as insinuation that Pelosi and Reid were informed of the water boarding these two deny being informed .I smell burnt toast or Reid and Pelosi…see ya wouldn’t want to be ya!


April 24, 2009

G E is a company who has much of  its products made in foreign countries at the expense of American jobs to add salt in the wound they sell to countries supporting terrorism against America.GE uses MSNBC in which they own to promote opinions which will result in financial gain yet not benefit America as whole.If you want to stop this activity do not buy GE products.


April 23, 2009

Our biggest fear as a nation is bearing fruit.We elected a young black man with no experience and Muslims roots.Although he pledged to be an administration of transparency he has never disclosed the source of all of his campaign funds which were obviously from outside of America.It is said that one main source of funds is King Abdullah from Saudi Arabia in which he bowed to in the G20 summit.King Abdullah is a radical who hates the west as in many of those close to this President.obama has sold out our cia in there dealings with muslim terrorist and now he wants to take over cyber security why? I am much more secure with home land security as opposed to obama dealing with this as I really do not trust him and feel he needs to be kept on a short leash.It would appear we have had a hijacking of the White House by Saudia Arabia and our future is in question.

Government Intergerity

April 22, 2009

appropriateObama  claims he is the administration of transparency as he exposes the CIA and water boarding of terrorist who had a goal of killing Americans. He has brought out our dirty laundry before the world and discrased us he has broken a law of integrity.No one likes torture and it should not happen but it did so put a stop to it and move on why dig up the past? If he is truly a man of his word on this transparancy why not investagate Barney Frank and Chris Dodd at his level and condem the rpping off of the American tax payer by these two bandits this action would show some true intergerty as opposed to harrassing those defending the security of this nation in means they felt approiate at the time.The election is over and you won so stop showboating for the Hollywood crowd and focus on the job at hand.


April 21, 2009

If Barack Obama was not partially black I would say his mother got artificially inseminated with the sperm of Jimmy Carter. Barack Obama appears to be a clone of the Carter Administration as he is making all of the same dumb mistakes and leading the country in the same direction as Carter attempted.It was the liberal policies of Carter that made Ronald Regan so popular.It will be these Obama policies that have him suffer the same fate of Carter by not being re elected.Obamas concern with foreign int rest over the interest of the USA is ignorant and illresponsible and his hand shake with Hugo Chavez is evidence of this Administrations lack of abilities to represent this country.It saddens me to see Obama is considering giving terrorist citizenship and welfare income in this country while cutting benefits for our military.It is as though he is bringing America to her knees with some secret agenda his selling out of our CIA is another example of his Carter like policies.Obama has a vision to be the Messiah of the world he needs to focus on his job president of the United States of America and forget the Messiah act.


April 20, 2009

It saddens me to see the first black American President is such a screw up. This was a great moment in history and now it appears to be a sad day for America as the stupidity of the Obama administration continues as he offers the keys to America to those who hate us the most.It would appear that our worst fears are coming true as this idiot sells out our country.We are no longer safe with the stupidity of this administration.