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Why does Obama want to take your guns?

May 30, 2009

Obama knows that his socialist doctrine will bring about hardship on the majority of Americans in his attempt to change the face of America and redistribute the wealth.The Obama administration knows his policies will be met with resistance from the majority of Americans as it increases the economic burden on those who are already carrying more than their share of the load.True socialist as well as communist know in order to maintain complete control you must remove the heart of the resistance which is the greatest threat to you and your movement which would be Americans with guns as well as freedom of speech and the ability to resist or even overthrow a government that was not in the best interest of the majority.We as a people must realize that the worst is yet to come as it is clear this administration is looking to silence the resistance of its failed policies as opposed to correcting the ills of the country.


We are in desprate need of a Ronald Reagan

May 29, 2009

The United states Government has become the laughing stock of Governments.This atrocity took place after one of the greatest Presidents ever Ronald Reagan left office. Every President since the Reagan administration has been a disappointment.There is no clear and decisive leadership nor true integrity and we find it hard to have pride in those who represent us due to lack of integrity.Those such as Pelosi, REED, Dodd and Frank would have been ousted easily had they ever attempted the crap the are currently pulling during the Reagan years as ethics were higher during his administration.The final blow to our democracy could be the Obama administration as he is put us in harms way.His policies will lead to multiple wars as well as attacks on America while our economy sinks to an all time low under this socialist regime.Poverty and unemployment will reach levels never imagined and health care will be nonexistent.Obama has been lax on border security and has played with kids gloves with countries such as Iran,North Korea ,Russia and China. He has screwed up Iraq as well as Afghanistan and Pakistan while inspiring our enemies.We will be attacked by Iran China and Russia jointly in the near future under this anti military socialist administration as he has mad us a prime target for this due to his failed policies and lack of experience as well as little to no respect from the rest of the world.The only change we will see from this administration is change from a world power to a third world country if this is the change you wanted you got it.  

President Obama confirms he is a raciest

May 27, 2009

The supreme court nomination of a radical liberal Sotomayor who openly criticize white males as inferior to a Latino woman is just another arrow in the quiver of the Obama raciest theme. It is sad to see a president divide the country as he is doing.

The United States Governments trade policies is killing Americans

May 27, 2009

We are being poisoned daily in our food by foreign countries such as China,Mexico as well as many other third world countries and our government refuses to do anything. Apparently it is left up to the foreign countries to see that their products meet our standards yet they can use pesticides and chemicals that are not allowed in this country as they are known to cause cancer and birth defects.It appears the agency that is assigned to protect us the USDA does little to nothing for these violations.Many foreign companies are now putting American theme labels to fool consumers.In addition to food poisoning we are being poisoned by excessive lead content etc all under the watch of the U.S. government.Companies that play by the rules in place are being put out of business costing many American jobs and creating poverty in this country while this violation of our country is allowed to take place.

An Open Letter to the U.S. Government. Memorial Day

May 23, 2009

This great Nation was founded on we the people for the people by men of honesty and integrity but over time has degenerated to a collection of lawyers who could not make a living in the private sector due to incompetence so they ran for a political office and got elected so they could continue a life of free loading living off the American people like a parasite lives off of a dog.We the people of America have endured these atrocitiesfor many years now but we now find ourselves with no more patience for this corrupt government that stands before us with not a helping hand but an open hand looking to reach deeper in our pockets.We the middle class of America continue to carry the burden of health care cost,mortgage crisis,bank failures,Insurance company failures,auto company failures,illegal imigration and many more as well as just a failed government in general.Government bureaucracy  is out of control we can study mice thanks to pelosi but our children die due to lack of health care and the homeless population is growing at an alarming rate.You as  government Representatives lie cheat on you taxes and steal from the American people daily as you all are nothing more than self indulgent greedy pigs.I love my country and I am proud of our military as well as the American people but I am ashamed of our government as the corruption and deceit run ramp id while we as Americans suffer from the ills of this lame government.We have suffered from ill fated government for the last sixteen to twenty years but are darkest days are ahead as the current administration spends us into a debt that will basically  put the whole country up for auction.The whole economy is crashing around us because consumers got in over their head in debt and what does the government do they go on a spending spree with money they do not have yet they criticize consumers as well as lendors for their spending and lending prat ices. It appears to be a do as I say not as I do policy as big brother knows best.During this memorial day we will honor the patriots that have served this nation as well as some of the great leaders who also guided our nation during these trying times we must also look at the integrity and character of these great people and then compare it to those who fill the office of government today as they pale in comparison. It will not be long until we have a holiday called America remembrance in which we will be rememberingthe once great nation we were but are no longer it is sad times for America  and you the current government leaders of this nation are the problem not the solution. Please do not show your faces during this important holiday as your presence only cheapens the memorial day for all of the true Americans as you are a disgrace to this nation and the purpose of this great day.

Is Obama ready to Govern or is he just Government?

May 16, 2009

Obama promised change and assured America he was the one to bring this change about in his campaigning for president. He has brought about change but nothing that benefits the working class American. His bureaucracy is a mutation between policies of big brother and  Jimmy Carter clearly a combination for economic disaster.It appears to be politics as usual in Washington under obama with the exception of cuts in military benefits and spending and an increase in government pork barrel spending to take care of some worthless politicians that could never get a job in the private sector.Obama exemplifies American Government at it lowest point and one that will jeopardize the freedoms we as a people have come to know and enjoy.It is troubling times for the middle class as many of our business and factories close due to the continued economic erosion will will see due to the incompetence of this administration and his dollar tree staff.

Mothers Day Remorse

May 10, 2009

If you are one of the fortunate ones spending Mothers day with MOM or at least talking to her on the phone and honoring her we must look around and realize how fortunate we are.There is a troubling trend in America in which many are putting on a backpack and hitting the road with little or no contact with MOM ever again.We as Americans struggled in the past with stray cats and dogs but we now have a much greater epidemic-in the human race which is transients and homelessness.This hopelessness is a result of the lack of opportunities for the basic working class and the demise of the American economy due to failed government policies that are dismantling the American family.Love your mother hate the bureaucracy. Let us also take a moment to sympathize with those mothers who look to the sky and wonder the fate of a child who has taken this unfortunate path.

California needs to impeach Arnold and clean house on legislators

May 10, 2009

California is probably the tenth largest economy in the world but is is shrinking as a producer and becoming solely a consumer just as the country is.It is the tax and spend philosophy of Grey Davis as Well as Arnold that is sinking the great state of California making her a welfare and service based economy all based on government programs the same path Obama has taken for the nation.Hollywood took control of California politics with Arnold and now the Nation with Obama.The problem is Hollywood is fantasy and we need reality.

Leagalization and taxiation of marijuana in California

May 7, 2009

This post is not meant to be pro or con on the legalization of marijuana it is directed at the state of  stupidity in California government.For the last twelve years Business has been leaving California at an alarming rate due to over regulation,excessive taxation and environmental standards.Governor Schwarzenegger is debating the the idea of legalizing marijuana and taxing it to bring in an estimated 1.3 billion in taxes to California’s coffers.Here is the problem with this philosophy you are not addressing the true problem which is becoming a pro business state and enticing business as opposed to an anti business climate creating an exodus of businesses and jobs. Even with the money from marijuana taxes if the estimate is correct it will fail to fulfill the needs of a tax and spend government as business taxes and revenues continue to dwindle due to the anti business climate in the state the state will continue to have a short fall so further measures will need to be taken such as legalization and taxation of crack cocaine,prostitution as well as pornography.You can see the hole that can be dug with this policy and how stupid it is when the simple answer is make the state of California a pro business state and all ills will be taken care of if government spending is kept in check.All of these issues can be made separate issues and not desperate measures to save an economy.It is a know fact that those who run for political office are not among our nations best and brightest if we are to have a future as a nation this must change.

The water boarding witch hunt is off.

May 7, 2009

Obama promised transparency in his administration and boy is he ever we can see right Thur his phony ass.The obama administration was ready to burn Bush officials at the stake with investigations into water boarding until oops one or two of our own Pelosi and Reid were also involved.Now were turn to operation cover up and all investigations are off. I feel that our CIA and official did what they felt needed to be done and I for one do not support torture but feel those involved knew best as it is clear we have not been attacked at home for some time. It is crap that an investigation can only happen if it is to benefit one party and hurt another but has nothing to do with the American people which both are elected to serve.