Those who Govern (this was originally posted on 05/30/2006)

It disturbs me to see Democrats and Republicans join together in opposing investigations of members of the house by FBI and other authorities.This tells me they feel this office is is a license to screw the American people without question.Well my thoughts are elected by the common man you can abide by the same laws as we do and if you break them you can pay the price we do in the same courts etc. It is clear that all of the members that support this are hiding something.It is this type of scum sucking bastards or bitches that undermine the integrity of the office they hold. I would like to see these assholes held to a higher standard such as when found guilty we the people get to do a public caning  on their naked ass weekly.If this were allowed we as a people would be served with our interest at heart as opposed to someone on a get rich quick mission. America would become a much stronger nation and one for the people by the people as it once was meant to be.


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One Response to “Those who Govern (this was originally posted on 05/30/2006)”

  1. middleclassmessenge1 Says:

    Maybe if these standards were in place back in 2006 we would not have seen such abuses of Government powers by those like Dodd,Frank as well as Reid and Pelosi.

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