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California melt down

June 26, 2009

California is leading the national trend of an economic melt down. Arnold Obama and the plan of importing illegal aliens while exporting  all living wage jobs is a total government meltdown and shows nothing but ignorance as well as hints of corruption in government.The nation needs a business manager not a politician to cure the ills.The nation is now enslaved to china,Mexico and other cheap labor countries who flood our nation with cheap crap.We need to take back our manufacturing export illegal aliens and put politicians on the same level as the working class no government retirement,health care and all crimes punishable by law no free pass due to being a politician.


Iranian election turmoil what America can learn.

June 25, 2009

The Iranians have been considered a backwards country yet the Iranian people have showed great spirit in questioning an election that was clearly fraudulent.The Iranians have stood up to be heard for social injustice while we here in America we sit quietly and watch our democracy be pulled away from us with the fraudulent election of Barack Hussein Obama by an enormous Internet campaign which was funded by foreign governments many of who are enemies of the USA and now they have their man at the wheel and he is indebted to them not you or I. It is disheartening that we as Americans can sit quietly while we are striped of our rights and freedoms as though we never had them we have become a drug dependent drug based nation full of apathy and no spirit so socialism is on our door step and Obama is delivering it as I write.Shame on us let us not cave to this injustice but let us resist the socialist Obama a must see is the you tube video by Basso on the second American  revolution this is a great guide on what must happen to correct the current ills of the USA.

California’s Governor and House fail to serve the citizens of California

June 24, 2009

Mary Mary quiet contrary how does your garden grow quiet well as the government of  California is liberal and supports the growing of marijuana and that in which we can not produce is produced by the Mexican drug cartel who operate freely do to the open border policy of Arnold. It was once assumed that we could only process waste but now we thrive in drug trade,waste management,government jobs and bureaucracy all of which do not amount to crap in the real world but fit the theme of Obama  and his socialist agenda.California as well as the United States economic slide will continue as long as our government continues to devote themselves to the interest of foreign governments as opposed the people they serve.Bob Basso said it best in his you tube second American revolution a must see for all Americans as this is reality no skit and we must take it serious.

A Fathers Remorse over the State of the Union

June 22, 2009

Today is Fathers day and yet we as Fathers in this country are currently experiencing the most catastrophic melt down of a democracy in the history of modern civilization.The son of a radical Muslim who was not an American citizen now holds the highest office in the land.We who love this country and want to provide a future for our children have seen the whole country put at risk by the socialist agenda of one man.Tired of the status quo many Americans chose to take a bite of the poison apple and vote Obama and now we will all suffer from this weakness in our decision making process.


June 19, 2009

If the Obama acorn agenda continues this democracracy will fail as the communist agenda of  Obama and acorn is undermining the free world.Your thoughts on this matter appreciated..


June 17, 2009

I am no fan of Dick Cheney as he is an arrogant ass but I do feel his commitment to the security of our nation is two fold over Panetta and Obama combined.Mr Cheney is much more adept in national security than Obama or Panetta. I as with many Americans do feel we are at a security risk with the current administration and his liberal policies with those countries that hate us.Obam has failed in all aspects of foreign policy and has done nothing to make the world a safer place but rather let it become much more unstable.Comments made by Panetta stating that Cheney wishing that we would be attacked are words from an insecure and unstable man who is probably more concerned about the pictures of his daughter drinking beer with Hugo Chavez and friends while trash talking America.Panetta is the treacherous asshole that Cheney once was.

Obamas economy all dressed up with no place to go

June 13, 2009

After all of these public works programs are completed and the stimulus dollars gone at a hurendous cost to the American tax payer we as a country will be deeper in debt and no permanente jobs will have been created and the country will be much worse off.ECONOMICS 101 would tell anyone this is voodoo economics by the Obama administration as he has jeopardized the stability of the USA.If you want to save the U.S. ECONOMY help the American manufactures compete against unfair trade and create a real living wage jobs as working at Walmart selling chinese crap will never provide the American dream.The Obama plan is a dead end plan with no opportunity for real growth in the economy.

A good Job for ACORN

June 11, 2009

It appears the Federal Government would like to implement a study the farts of cattle in an attempt to determine the impact on the environment. This is truly a job for Acorn and one that even though they will screw it up will have minimal negative impact on the country.Having Acorn do anything more than a study such as this is a threat to our democracy lets keep Acorn where they belong such as this study.


June 11, 2009

It appears Obama screwed up once again in his meddling in the US economy.Obamas lack of experience and quick decisions with little insight has killed an American icon.This socialist based economic plan is a knife in the heart of the American economy as the sale of Chrysler to Fiat is halted.It appears Obamas plan with GM was as stupid as his plan with Chrysler as he is truly the enemy of business.

California’s Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Failed California

June 9, 2009

Arnold has made some good movies in his day but  him serving as the Governor of California is a really bad one and sad because it is true.The failure of California is not all Arnold’s fault as the majority of the California politicians are corrupt, incompetent self serving greedy pigs.I see a lot of similarities between Arnold and the Obama administration as both are incompetent phony actors the only difference is Arnold made his money above the table and Obama makes his under the table.Washington DC is also filled with greedy incompetent pigs that are serving themselves as well as foreign Governments as opposed to the good of the American people.All of these budget cuts and stimulus packages mean nothing if you do not stop the bleeding of the economy such as Government corruption, fraud in the banking system and illegal immigration. If we just addressed the cost to California and the United States to provide for  illegal immigration which was estimated at 338 billion about four years ago nation wide and is probably much higher now.Until we get this monkey off of the back of the American tax payer and in the lap of the responsible party Mexico we will continue to see our economy spiral downward.Mexico should foot the bill for all goods and services provided for illegals including the cost of deportation which is absoulty necessarry to save this economy and bring down the cost of health care for Americans.Both Schwartzenegger , Bush and Obama have Failed all of America with a weak stance on illegal imigration so they can maintain the hisapnic votes as opposed to worring about what is best for America .