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July 29, 2009

The election of Obama has brought a dark cloud over America as foul play has been suspect from day one and put our democracy in jeopardy.Did we take the word of one Doctor in Hawaii who stated he reviewed the birth certificate of Obama And he is a citizen of the USA.If we as a country took this one mans word and it was not verified by the CIA we have a serious security problem.A electronic copy on the Internet probably would not get you a passport how can it validate you for President of the USA?The original document needs to be provided and reviewed for authenticity by non partisan officials as well as CIA.The Internet funding of the Obama campaign was largely unchecked potentially allowing foreign governments to buy the American election and placing the man of their choice in the White House it was obvious who the high roller was as you saw Obama bow to the Saudi King.Obama is far from Presidential as he passes bills critical to the welfare of our nation like a adolescent who picks any old answer on the test just to get through it so he can go out side and screw off.The policies of Obama are those of the greatest danger to our well being as they appear innocent acts of concern yet they will bring the opposite results of the sales pitch and will worsen our situation.If Obama’s birth certificate is false he should be removed from office and put in jail and deported after a fifty year jail term.My question is why are we just now getting serious about researching this issue and who in the hell is responsible for this as they to need to go to jail.A simple rule to live by if it smells rotten it probably is.Until this matter is resolved I feel Obama should step down from office of the President.Maybe now we know why Obama is so soft on illegal immigration.



July 27, 2009

The truly stupid one appears to be none other than the man at the podium Obama who is still struggling to look presidential with yet another set back as he continues to disappoint America.He has not made a correct decision yet since becoming President but he did not make a correct decision while in the senate so no surprise here.Obama is clearly struggling with the race issue and has shown some deep seated anger which is concern for his mental stability.The gamble Americans took in electing Obama was out of frustration and has now proven to be irrational and potentially devastating to the economy,democracy and freedoms we currently enjoy. I need not a president that runs around the world apologizing for deeds of America in the past as I am not ashamed of our past and we owe no apologizes.On the other hand I had an emotional moment when Obama was elected to office as I felt we had broken the race barrier boy was I wrong as the president himself is a racist and my only shame is that he is our President.

IMPEACH OBAMA The White House Eviction Notices are Coming soon Obama will be out by June 2010

July 25, 2009

More and More Americans are rallying behind the impeachment movement of Obama whose every move has proven to be a set back for democracy.The election of Obama is turning out to be similar to date rape or similar tragedie as he and his comrades screw over democracy and the American people with a socialist agenda.Obama has proven himself to be anything but presidential a big concern during the election that has now come to roost in the White and bring shame to this great nation.If Obama had any respect for the American people at all he would at least give us a year before he stands before us and lies and treats us like second class citizens.Obama appears to be struggling with some racial issues as subtle hints are presented every time he speaks unscripted or without his pre written script on a teleprompter by his staff.Obama appears shallow and nothing more than a puppet on a string with an axe to grind so we as a country do not know who the real president is.Who pulls the strings of the Obama puppet and is this the divisive socialist inept President we voted for? NOT. After the first four years of Bush I started questioning his intelligence with Obama the question arose within ninety days he acts hastily and with no caution or thought in an effort to blow past questions of his ignorance.Impeachment is critical and will only happen with the involvement of the American people.Your comments and participation are needed unless of course you are satisfied with the demise of this nation and democracy if so sit back and await your fate and I hope you receive what you are do.

California budget crises

July 22, 2009

California is going to hell in a hand basket and the nation will soon follow.California is the eight largest economy in the world with its main source of revenue derived from taxes.California revenues continue to to dwindle as tax payers as well as business can not get out quick enough as it is not economically feasible to do business here.This is the same trend the nation will follow as Obama’s lack of fiscal responsibility and socialist agenda puts us into third world status.It is said that we are on a crash course health care bill with little to no review even Obama does not know the contents of the bill all to insure some 38 to 40 million U S citizens that our uninsured yet we have an estimated up to 40 million illegal aliens currently currently taking advantage of a system that citizens can not.It would appear we have two options no health care for illegals or take care of the health issue and deport them and bill Mexico for the health care and cost of deportation. It is the government mandate to provide health care for illegals that have made health care cost escalate for citizens all of this avoidable had our Government enforced our laws and secured our borders. Those to blame George Bush,Nanci Pelosi, Luis Gutierrez , Arnold Schwarzenegger and Obama are all traitors as they have failed when it comes to Mexico.Obama’s stimulus package that needed to be passed with no review turned out to be a failure and has shown Obama to be an ignorant ass who is full of bs and has some left wing policy that is not in the best interest of the USA.California has now stooped to consider legalizing drugs such a marijuana so they can tax it to generate revenue as opposed to fixing the unfriendly environment for business.More dopers in California will make it even more difficult to do business in California can you imagine an employee hi on marijuana rotating your tires or running a saw in a mill etc. The stupidity of our elected officials never ceases to amaze me it is always the path of least resistance they choose as opposed to doing what is right for America and it is pathetic.

Obama hides his Ignorance in his arrogance

July 22, 2009

Obama is spending like there is no tomorrow maybe he has a plan for a no tomorrow with him.He continues to push all bills with no debate or discussion as he is incompetent and knows nothing about what these bills contain.It was clear today when he was not even aware of provisions in his socialized health care bill. Obama is clearly reckless and acts hastily to pass measures avoiding discussions without a teleprompter to hide his ignorance.He has exceeded all expectations of being the next Jimmy Carter he is much worse than Carter.Carter is now redeemed and Obama takes the title as Americas worst President and must be impeached.Every day that Obama as well as Pelosi remain in office the Nation suffers irreparable damage.


July 20, 2009

We are experiencing water shortages throughout the United States as we are using more water than we have available during the drought years and conservation efforts alone are not enough to stop the bleeding or crises.Developments have come to a stand still and Americas agriculture industry is suffering and will make us more dependent on countries such as China and Mexico for our food and insuring the fact that Americans will have more health problems in the future from consuming this toxic food from foreign countries with little to no standards of chemicals and pesticides especially that which is for export to the USA.Water bills will continue to rise at a alarming rate decreasing the quality of life for those struggling already economically.While all of this is taking place there are a few simple measures that could take place if our government had their head in the right place and simply enforced the laws of our country.We have just under 41 million illegal aliens in the USA and this number is increasing by about ten thousand per day.If you take a low average water usage of 100 gallons per day per illegal alien this is 41 million gallons per day x365 days you do the math my calculator gave me an error message maybe that is a subtle hint. A modern calculator will give you a number of 14,965,000,000 now do you comprehend the problem? Now let us look at the drug production how much water is used in meth labs and how many streams ,ponds,lakes and ground water are contaminated by meth labs as well as marijuana production? I do not have the answer on meth lab water usage but marijuana is reported at 1 gal every other day which could equate to approximately 60 gallons per plant over the 120 cycle to maturity.If you figure that in 2006 5.5 million plants were eradicated we can assume that was only half at best so take another 5.5 million x 60=330,000,000 gallons of water wasted or misused.All of this just because our government is failing to protect the American citizen and America from illegal immigration by enforcing our laws and securing our borders.Listed are just a few people that are accountable for the demise of American resources and quality of life.George Bush,Nancy Pelosi,Diane Feinstein,Luis Gutierrez,Arnold Schwarzenegger and Barack Obama.


July 10, 2009

I sat today with a honest working member of the middle class and our conversation was a little disturbing. The conversation started out about the decline in real estate values and from there went to how the economy was doing as a whole and what the future will hold. During our conversation he expressed some concern about a real estate investment he had and the decline in value and I mentioned the cap and trade bill and the negative impact it will have on his investment.He looked at me with a blank stare and said I know nothing about this bill I asked if he watched the news and his response was no as it is so depressing it only discourages me and he is not the first one to tell me this.Americans our disengaging themselves from reality and what is happening and this being the case the ability to bring about change is impossible.The news is not the best source but it can give you a heads up on what you need to focus on.He also responded that the going green trend was only going to cost us jobs and is not realistic.We both agreed that the worst is yet to come with the possibility of of a second stimulus bill is only throwing good money after bad.The Obama administration is equivalent to a large anchor in a deep sea and will only drown America no life rafts in sight until his exodus.


July 8, 2009

First is was Jessie Ventura as Governor and now we have Al Franken the biggest idiot to be elected since California elected Nancy Pelosi.The American people have become complacent and bored with politics and no longer take those who run for office seriously so for Amusement they are electing those that are most incompetent as opposed to those best suited to do the job.This was confirmed on the national level when Americans buried their heads in their ass and elected obama who was nothing more than a community organizer and then a part time senator so he could run for president. It now appears he wants to be the president of the world rather than the USA.Only in America can those least likely to succeed be allowed to hold offices that jeopardize this nation as a whole .It is a sad time in American as we the people are at great risk of losing the American dream under the mountain of debt and frivolous green bills being created by obama that will bury the middle class.


July 7, 2009

As Californians stand in the economic train tunnel the train of poverty and doom will soon be on top of them with no place for them to turn.If the failed polices of Arnold and the California legislators are not enough to bury this great state the obama administration is fueling the train to wipe out the nations economy as a whole. These policies that will kill the economy include the cap and trade bill the failed stimulus package government health care and the socialization of our country.The lack of experience by this administration is putting this nation in harms way and the only clear solution is his resignation as well as that of Arnold.States as well as the nation need to be run like a business and not like a government welfare program.We need successful business people running our country and let the politicians be community organizers.


July 3, 2009

After years of excessive government spending and the exodus of business due to over regulation and bureaucratic bullshit California is about to pay the price of piss poor government. The state known to be the tenth largest economy in the world has turned in to a haven for illegal immigrants as well as the Mexican drug cartel and soon a cesspool of filth and crime unless we raise the bar of integrity for our political establishment.This is not only true for California but the Nation as we as a Nation are in no better shape than California.We have been continually sold out to foreign interest over what is in our own best interest as a country by leaders who are corrupted by foreign dollars.This forth of July is a good time to reflect back on where we have been and where we are heading and if you are happy with this direction than continue to sit on the sidelines in your state of drunken euphoria if not then take action and let the political establishment know that less government and regulations are better for the economy and we do not need government health care or socialism in this country which appears to be the Obama doctrine.Obama and the democrats have acted irrational and irresponsible changing the face of America from the land of the free and the home of the brave to the land of government dependent apathetic welfare recipients.Obama is running the nation as though he is still a community organizer in which he provided people in need with assistance through government programs.There is an old proverb that goes something like this give a hungry man food and he will live to hunger another day.Teach a hungry man how to farm and he will feed himself .This is the traditional American way but the Obama doctrine is to continue to give out food and teach nothing to actually create government dependency and justify the need for big government.These policies are economic suicide and will never work so it is critical for those who love this country to change the face of America by removing all politicians that support this Obama doctrine.