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August 30, 2009

The attack on America on 911 was one of the worst tragedies in American history until the recent election of Obama.We now have a president who came out of no where and was anti America until he decided to run for President.Not one action or achievement in this mans past justifies his qualification’s for President of the United States of America in fact they do just the opposite they justify why he should not be President of the United States of America.Americans were in such awe with the smooth talking man who promised to cure the ills of America that reality took a back seat to fantasy as America rolled the dice in hope of a positive change.Obamanomics has proven to be anything but positive as we have seen his administration pass a stimulus package with little to no review that has fallen far short of reviving the economy yet it has created a great deal of uncertainty in the financial future of America.Cash for clunkers appears to have failed as foreign automakers were the greatest beneficiary.The health care plan will add to this financial uncertainty as well as jeopardize one of our greatest resources the senior citizens in this country that are a great wealth of knowledge and guidance and that may be the vary reason for the attack on them.You can not teach an old dog new tricks and you most likely will not bullshit a senior citizen as they have been there done that however the youth of America are ripe for deception.Obama and crew have seized the moment knowing that most likely they will only have four years to wage this war of destructive policies on the nation therefor they are putting their socialist agenda on the fast track trying to blow past all objections and review of policies basically catching America with her pants down.The motives of this administration are clear and they clearly present a threat to democracy as we know it.With Obama as president the task of destroying America and what we stand for just became a lot easier for those who wish to do so.We have always stood strong in the face of our enemies who have attacked us from the outside but we are now experiencing an attack like none other that we have experienced which is the one Obama is waging from within on the free world. I as a legal citizen of the USA call for the resignation of Obama and feel that impeachment will be necessary if he tries to remain in office .



August 24, 2009

It appears if you agree with the Democrats and their agenda that is democracy in action but if you oppose them such as the tea parties or the town hall meetings you are considered right wing thugs,organized hecklers,stupid people according to Barney Frank or AstroTurf according to the biggest ass of all time Pelosi.These allegations by the democrats prove that they oppose the will of the people and open debate on their policies which in fact is what democracy is.The democrats have lost touch with who they work for and what a democracy is as they openly continue to promote policies that go against the will of the people as they feel they know best.The sad thing is that many of these democrats are uniformed on the very measures they are voting on as they simply seek to please the President more so than the people they work for.The so called nuclear option that democrats are seeking on the health care reform is another example of big brother exerting his will beyond anything imaginable and would be a huge disappointment to our forefathers such as Lincoln and Washington.This nuclear option will bring great resentment among Americans and possibly put Obama and crew among those of the unemployed.


August 23, 2009

Bits and pieces are coming in on a potential scandal of this administration that could equal that of Watergate.The magnitude of this election has always left a shadow of doubt to the integrity of this election and the Internet funding as well as the validity of the votes and the impact of the fraud committed by Obama’s Acorn campaign. Obama has surrounded himself with those that are far from being Americas finest in fact they are just the opposite of what America is about which leads to the the question how and why is he our President?As Obama puts his socialist agenda on the fast track blowing past the complacency of the current lazy corrupt congress and house as well as the apathetic American we see democracy as we have known it taking a back seat to the big brother socialist philosophy of Obama.The Obama spam fest was carried out by at tax payers expense in an attempt to promote the Obama agenda and launch his assult on those who disagree with this administration.The policies of this administration potentially could bring more harm to this country than any event in the history of this nation.


August 22, 2009

The cash for clunkers program appeared to be the only part of the whole stimulus package that made sense.Typical of a government run program the program appears to be mismanaged and a cluster at best.Many of our auto dealerships have been put at risk do to the lack of follow Thur by the Government in meeting their obligations.This is another reason for the rejection of all of the proposed government programs as they just screw things up.Meanwhile the Obama crew is caught up in how to spy on Americans while blaming the republicans for all that goes wrong it is no wonder this administrations poll numbers are falling faster than a shooting star he is an idiot.

The Obama crew town hall meetings

August 21, 2009

The Obama town hall agenda is failing as members of congress and the senate fail to sell their lies to the public.The uprising of citizens across America is the start of something greater to come as we resist the socialist agenda of the current criminals in office.It is troubling to see that this administration is going to go against the will of the people with a nuclear option this is spitting in the face of democracy.The arrogance displayed by both Pelosi referring to opponents as AstroTurf and Frank calling opponents ignorant is in my thoughts a violation of the office they hold and grounds for immediate impeachment.The removal of these two from office will benefit the country as they are bad for middle class America.Save America clean house…


August 16, 2009

The White House is keeping a list and checking it twice all who are compliant must be nice and the rest will be dealt with in the near future.Obama and his Marxist crew are watching you and your email to identify those who must be dealt with if you do not comply with his Marxist agenda.Those Republican GM dealers are finding out the hard way as big brother or better known as the Obama crew are closing all Republican owned GM dealerships.When the Bush administration did wire tapes on terrorist people were outraged yet we are being watched by Obama where is the outrage?America has become the innocent lamb before the slaughter sucked into submissiveness by the smooth talking Muslim Obama.

Illegal Immigration It Would Be Cheaper To Pay Them To Leave

August 13, 2009

As the obama administration fails to deal with illegal immigration the problem is increasing at an alarming rate.Deportation of illegals is quickly approaching the unattainable and then we are held hostage in our own country while it crumbles down around us due to the burden of illegal aliens.It is becoming apparent that the only way we will get our country back is to pay the illegals to leave as this is probably cheaper than supporting them Thur all the liberal programs and the cost of deportation.It will be critical to build a fence and secure the border to insure the flow of illegals is stopped before implementation and finger print all who are paid so that if the reappear they are jailed and fined the amount they were paid taking away all incentives to cheat the system.When it is all said and done bill Mexico for the total cost of the program and if they can not pay we will take land of our choosing in trade for the amount due .


August 12, 2009

Senior citizens are upset with what they feel is an assault on them as they consider the Obama health care plan a death sentence for seniors.I agree as I am sure many do that we need to reform health care but more government involvement and administrators is not the answer it is the problem.Obama and the bureaucrats are standing before us smiling dumb like and beating the drums for a plan many have not read nor do they even comprehend.The Obama rush to pass legslation with out review or understanding has many gun shy as the stimulus package is a clear example of failed legislation that Americans will be paying for Thur several generations simply because a President and his bureaucrats wanted to make those of us who are naive believe that they are making improvements quickly.In fact the only thing they did is create government jobs and worsen the situation and that is why the health care bill will fail as it has poor presentation and is poorly written just as the stimulus bill.A simple solution is allow inter state competition on health care between insurance companies,eliminate frivolous lawsuits of malpratice and offer tax breaks and government funding to affordable health care facilities .


August 6, 2009

Obama and crew are stuffing deficit spending bills down the throat of America faster than one can get Thur a McDonald’s drive Thur.The out rage of those attending the town hall meetings on health care are simply the climax of frustration of Americans who are sick and tired of bureaucrats in Washington DC telling us what we are going to do as opposed to doing what they are elected to do which is the will of the people.Speaking of McDonald’s the bills Obama and crew are putting out are being slapped together like a hamburger on the dollar menu not much thought involved.Big government is the problem not the solution and Obama is a big government guy so he to is the problem not the solution.We need big change in Washington DC as those who pretend to serve this great nation continue to betray us for there own self serving agendas as we see in Rangle,Frank,Dodd,Pelosi and Jefferson all who steal from America.This great nation is filled with many great leaders it is unfortunate for us that very few of them are currently serving in Washington DC the cream of the crop does not reside here.It is time for change America and Obama is not the change we need or can survive.


August 2, 2009

The overwhelming response to the cash for clunkers program makes this the only successful program in the whole stimulus package as all other monies are devoured up in government bureaucracy and friends and family of our political establishment.It is sad to see all the money pissed away in this stimulus bill with programs that simply expand government and never reach those who need it.If the cash for clunkers program was put in place in the last days of the Bush administration or first days of the Obama administration GM and Chrysler may have saved themselves with no need of government. Bush,Obama and the members of both houses fail to understand economics 101 in which trickle down economics is ineffective.Trickle up will always work when significant enough.Anything less is criminal that is why we need to impeach Frank,Reid,Pelosi,Boxer,Feinstein,Gutierrez and Obama.