Obama and crew are stuffing deficit spending bills down the throat of America faster than one can get Thur a McDonald’s drive Thur.The out rage of those attending the town hall meetings on health care are simply the climax of frustration of Americans who are sick and tired of bureaucrats in Washington DC telling us what we are going to do as opposed to doing what they are elected to do which is the will of the people.Speaking of McDonald’s the bills Obama and crew are putting out are being slapped together like a hamburger on the dollar menu not much thought involved.Big government is the problem not the solution and Obama is a big government guy so he to is the problem not the solution.We need big change in Washington DC as those who pretend to serve this great nation continue to betray us for there own self serving agendas as we see in Rangle,Frank,Dodd,Pelosi and Jefferson all who steal from America.This great nation is filled with many great leaders it is unfortunate for us that very few of them are currently serving in Washington DC the cream of the crop does not reside here.It is time for change America and Obama is not the change we need or can survive.


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