The White House is keeping a list and checking it twice all who are compliant must be nice and the rest will be dealt with in the near future.Obama and his Marxist crew are watching you and your email to identify those who must be dealt with if you do not comply with his Marxist agenda.Those Republican GM dealers are finding out the hard way as big brother or better known as the Obama crew are closing all Republican owned GM dealerships.When the Bush administration did wire tapes on terrorist people were outraged yet we are being watched by Obama where is the outrage?America has become the innocent lamb before the slaughter sucked into submissiveness by the smooth talking Muslim Obama.


2 Responses to “THE OBAMA LIST”

  1. Country boy Says:

    How can we as Americans allow this invasion of privacy?This is one of the biggest atrocities in the history of this country and probably part of a greater plan or agenda of government control.Even members of the democratic party follow Obama as if they are lambs being led to the slaughter are the drugged?I for one will reject the domination of my mind and freedoms by this socialist psycho.

    • middleclassmessenge1 Says:

      America voted for change and Obama will deliver this change.America will lose freedoms of choice and suffer a reduced standard of living and an exodus of business while suffering from over taxation and the consequences of being spied on if you are not compliant with his agenda.

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