It appears if you agree with the Democrats and their agenda that is democracy in action but if you oppose them such as the tea parties or the town hall meetings you are considered right wing thugs,organized hecklers,stupid people according to Barney Frank or AstroTurf according to the biggest ass of all time Pelosi.These allegations by the democrats prove that they oppose the will of the people and open debate on their policies which in fact is what democracy is.The democrats have lost touch with who they work for and what a democracy is as they openly continue to promote policies that go against the will of the people as they feel they know best.The sad thing is that many of these democrats are uniformed on the very measures they are voting on as they simply seek to please the President more so than the people they work for.The so called nuclear option that democrats are seeking on the health care reform is another example of big brother exerting his will beyond anything imaginable and would be a huge disappointment to our forefathers such as Lincoln and Washington.This nuclear option will bring great resentment among Americans and possibly put Obama and crew among those of the unemployed.


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