The attack on America on 911 was one of the worst tragedies in American history until the recent election of Obama.We now have a president who came out of no where and was anti America until he decided to run for President.Not one action or achievement in this mans past justifies his qualification’s for President of the United States of America in fact they do just the opposite they justify why he should not be President of the United States of America.Americans were in such awe with the smooth talking man who promised to cure the ills of America that reality took a back seat to fantasy as America rolled the dice in hope of a positive change.Obamanomics has proven to be anything but positive as we have seen his administration pass a stimulus package with little to no review that has fallen far short of reviving the economy yet it has created a great deal of uncertainty in the financial future of America.Cash for clunkers appears to have failed as foreign automakers were the greatest beneficiary.The health care plan will add to this financial uncertainty as well as jeopardize one of our greatest resources the senior citizens in this country that are a great wealth of knowledge and guidance and that may be the vary reason for the attack on them.You can not teach an old dog new tricks and you most likely will not bullshit a senior citizen as they have been there done that however the youth of America are ripe for deception.Obama and crew have seized the moment knowing that most likely they will only have four years to wage this war of destructive policies on the nation therefor they are putting their socialist agenda on the fast track trying to blow past all objections and review of policies basically catching America with her pants down.The motives of this administration are clear and they clearly present a threat to democracy as we know it.With Obama as president the task of destroying America and what we stand for just became a lot easier for those who wish to do so.We have always stood strong in the face of our enemies who have attacked us from the outside but we are now experiencing an attack like none other that we have experienced which is the one Obama is waging from within on the free world. I as a legal citizen of the USA call for the resignation of Obama and feel that impeachment will be necessary if he tries to remain in office .



  1. Country boy Says:

    I am in shock at the crimes this president is committing and the low level of outrage by fellow Americans do we have a pulse or are we already dead?The dissecting of the CIA as well as America is unacceptable Obama has failed us all..

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