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September 25, 2009

Millions of Americans have served in the Military and many have died all in the effort to preserve freedom for you and I and our children and grandchildren.Our forefathers put there lives on the line to bring us this great nation.After hundreds of years of struggle this nation is now the greatest nation on earth but all that is great is soon to end.The freedoms that our fellow American citizens serving in the Military fought so hard to preserve are in jeopardy under the current Administration as Obama methodically picks apart our democracy.All of the efforts and loss of life will have been in vein if this president  with his brainless puppet representatives are allowed to push Thur their socialist agenda.To make it simple as the old saying goes the fox is in the hen house or a socialist/communist is in the White House.There can be no greater frustration for those who have served and put their life on the line to witness such horrific policies as Obama welcomes those who hate us to stand at his side and assist him for what purpose?The most insulting moment a parent or spouse must experience is having to see Obama after the death of a loved one serving in the military as we know he is not with us but with them those who hate us.This president is closer to being a terrorist rather than a patriot.Those who have served are turning over in their grave as they watch this nation unravel.



September 24, 2009

As we see a population explosion in the United States and the world with starvation and economic decline an issue in all corners of the world the Obama administration has taken one giant step backwards for man kind.Because an agency know for many faults and mismanagement has stated the Delta Smelt is endangered the bread basket of the world has been allowed to become a dust bowl.This decision makes about as much sense as cutting off ones finger to get rid of a wart it is a little over the top.This decision is a Government decision which is meant to reestablish meaning and authority to a group that for the most part are welfare recipients with a title as is the case in 95% of Government  jobs today.The Obama administration along with the brainless wonder Pelosi have jeopardized the lives of many with the stupidity they have displayed.The negative impact of this decision if allowed to continue will put our Nation in harms way as we become dependent on other nations for substandard food that is imported from nations who will be poisoning us.The cost of health care will increase the availability of healthy  food will decrease and we will be extremely dependent on other nations.Is this just stupidity or part of a bigger plan by this administration to undermine the foundation of this great Nation?I am not in favor of the extinction of any species but common sense must prevail.


September 20, 2009

There is a basic old saying that goes it is hard to sore with eagles when you surround yourself with turkeys.Why is it that most of the people that come out in support of this president are losers? No respectable person of authority or substance has aligned themselves with this current president as he continues to screw up in every aspect of the job as president.In his defense some are now playing the race card stating that conservatives are having issues with a black president.The most recent accusations come from Jimmy Carter who is best know for being the worst president in the history of this nation prior to Obama.The second is from Bill Crosby a has been comedian  who at one time appeared to be rational but  now along with Carter both appear irrational.Mainstream America has seen a decline in the standard of living over the last sixteen years as manufacturing  jobs leave this country for cheap foreign labor as well as the plight of illegal immigration.This decline of the last sixteen years will pale in retrospect to the decline we will experience under the Obama administration. When we itemize the negative impact of the following …the bailout of financial institutions….the stimulus package…cap and trade …the proposed health care the backing out of the missile defense shield and submitting to Russian demands putting  us and our European Allies in jeopardy.The do nothing policy on illegal immigration..all of these policies will set us on the track to being a third world socialist country.We as Americans witnessed an election  in November 2008 in which Acorn and foreign governments Thur Internet funding and fraudulent voting installed a president in the white house illegitimately.The loyalty of this president is in question and always will be as past associations and actions verify he is not a patriotic man.We who question Obamas convictions and policies are considered Racist,radicals and vigilantes as opposed to a free people practicing our freedom of speech.The greatest error of this president and those around him such as Axelrod,Pelosi,Reid,Frank,Dodd and many more who feel they know better than the people they serve what the people need and want.It is as though they are telling us to sit back shut up and eat the crap we serve you disregarding the fact that they all work for us the American people.


September 15, 2009

Finally a politician has spoken the truth and said it how it is Obama is a liar.Congressman Joe Wilson called Obama a liar which offended a fellow lire Pelosi as well as known loser Steny Hoyer.Joe Wilson spoke for the people of America when he said you lie to Obama.Joe Wilson has shown he truly loves America and is concerned for her future by challenging the beast and it is for this reason that I feel he is a candidate for president.As far as an apology he has given one he just needs to tell Hoyer and Pelosi to kiss his ass if they expect anything more.We need more politicians like Joe Wilson that put America first while looking out for what is best for America.Good job Joe!!!


September 14, 2009

Fox news has appeared to capture footage of the ever elusive Acorn group in one of their many criminal acts.Acorn in conjunction with foreign governments are responsible for the the illegitimate election of Obama as well as other crimes.Anyone concerned with the demise of democracy needs to review the fox report and support the investigation of Acorn as well as demanding that Acorn is not given any federal funds.The only other matter outstanding to restore democracy and faith in the American electoral is the impeachment of Obama once that happens we will once again be a legitimate democracy.


September 7, 2009

All across America Americans who were both pro and con Obama now stand in a state of dismay as the wolf comes out of the sheep’s clothing with a vengeance that has put this country closer to socialism than it has ever been.For many this attack on our democracy brings us the same degree of horror and anger that we experienced during the tragedy of 911.The Obama closet appears to be packed with skeletons from both past and present associations as the stupidity and incompetence continue to come from a president that is anything but presidential.This president seems to feel that he and his government are fit to manage the affairs of the country yet he is failing the simplest task as sound policies,common sense and good judgement so how can we go to the next level when you fail at the basics?This president is treating the country as though he is still a community organizer with ACORN associations helping those who are incapable of helping themselves.This is not what the majority of  Americans need it is just the opposite as we can help ourselves and will if government gets out of the way as it is only the red tape of government that is screwing things up and weakening our country.Many Americans are reluctant to swallow this socialist pill so Obama is turning to speeches to our children and educators in efforts to brainwash and indoctrinate them with his socialism.This policy is being rejected by mainstream America while many would like some straight answers on who he really is and why the bait and switch game deceiving the country that gave him a chance to be something great rather than his current trend as the worst president in the history of this nation.


September 5, 2009

Van Jones has made it clear that he is anti USA and pro Islamic terrorist as well as anti white and clearly a racist.This confirms the same is true for Obama as he continually surrounds himself with people that have ill will towards the USA.Van Jones conspiracy theory on 911 as well as his foul mouth comments about Republicans is unacceptable.I feel the Obama czars are a breech of security and our government policies as these people are those that would be deemed otherwise not suitable for a cabinet position and the process in which those are selected.All of the Obama czar positions need to be eliminated and Obama needs to be monitored closely and kept on a tight leash until impeachment proceedings go through.Obama continues to display a high degree of  incompetence in his decision making process or he is actually an enemy of America you decide.Van Jones is clearly an enemy of this country and for this reason he belongs in GITMO.


September 4, 2009

OBAMA has created czars to serve in government without any background checks in order to get them into positions that would not be possible for cabinet members of the same background.Obama is cheating the system so radical communist can have access to security information possibly jeopardizing our security as a nation.Czars such as Van Jones and others are enemies of America yet they are advising our president.It is sickening to see what this president is doing to this country and the potential racial and political divisiveness that is being created.Obama has proven himself ignorant or he is openly attacking our democracy and challenging us to do anything about it.


September 4, 2009

The stimulus package is working beyond our imagination or something like that per Joe Biden.My question to Joe is in what country is it working in as it is clearly not working in America .The stimulus package has failed as it has put this country in financial peril with the debt burden,cash for clunkers has failed  as foreign auto makers were the main beneficiary,the cap and trade bill will raise taxes and kill jobs and now we are looking at the nail in the lid of the coffin with the Obama health care plan.If you can not create jobs without massive debt you are not qualified for the job as you have done nothing more than created an artificial economy but what more could we expect from this administration?Obama is a product of the welfare system so he really has no clue what it is to earn something as he has always been given to with no strings unlike middle class America.Ignorance  is the enemy you can put a man in the White House but you can not put the White House in a man.The following political leaders are guilty of economic malpractice Obama,Reid,Dodd,Frank ,Rangel& Pelosi all should be tried in a court of law potentially having their citizenship revoked on grounds of treason.Biden will be Pardoned for just being a dumb ass and doing what he was told.


September 3, 2009

Americans are seeing good jobs disappear from this country faster than the reproduction rate of China and Mexico combined.Many of these jobs are going to countries such as China , Mexico and India as well as other countries.The current administrations policies are killing jobs burring America in debt and creating uncertainty in our country.The American Government should adhere to highest standards when it comes to fiscal responsibility and set an example for business yet Obama fired the CEO of GM for not bringing GM out of their financial mess yet Obama has done no better himself in fact things have actually gotten worse so maybe we let the former CEO of GM fire Obama.This labor day should be filled with remorse for the county as a whole as the pain and suffering increases under this administration due to the exodus of jobs as a result of too much government and the socialist reform movement.Take a moment to rethink our current situation under this administration and how we can change it from the downward spiral as the clock is ticking maybe we need to change the administration.