The delinquency of the current administration has Americans licking their wounds as the worst tragedy sine 911 sits before us as an ignorant pompous ass tries to change the face of the most successful democracy in history.One must question if this administration is truly ignorant or rather openly cocky and feeling that he can singly handily destroy American democracy.The White House is the highest office in the land and expected to be filled with integrity and commitment to America.It is for these reasons integrity and commitment that the White House can be considered vacant as Obama has neither.While Sarah Palin is probably reading the Bible Obama is reading the post American world the world after America.Obama is also currently busy making a guest list for his dinner at the White House in celebration of Ramadan I wonder if Christmas will get the same respect?It is  said that the majority of Americans support laws banning the desecration of the of the American flag yet Obama and crew were elected to the White House so is that not an oxymoron as this crew is nothing more than flag burning radicals with a socialist agenda.Obama has left the door to the White House wide open with no hope of closing it and Sarah Palin can walk in and set up house if she chooses to do so as Obama self Destructs.How many more clues do we as Americans need before they recognize there is a problem with this picture shall we wait for him to burn down the White House to appease his Muslim idols?Wake up America the White House is a sacred place and an important part of history let us return it to a respectful place evict Obama.



  1. Country boy Says:

    I am not sure Sarah is the answer but it is clear Obama is not the answer. Americans rolled the dice with Obama and lost.McCain would have been the safer and wiser choice as Obama and the democrats have deserted middle America.Maybe Romney or someone else can revive us after this crisis is over.

    • middleclassmessenge1 Says:

      America is seeking change Sarah is positive change as is McCain.. Obama is change but not in a positive way..I am not a fan of Bush but Obama and obamanomics are much worse than Bush ever was…

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