The stimulus package is working beyond our imagination or something like that per Joe Biden.My question to Joe is in what country is it working in as it is clearly not working in America .The stimulus package has failed as it has put this country in financial peril with the debt burden,cash for clunkers has failed  as foreign auto makers were the main beneficiary,the cap and trade bill will raise taxes and kill jobs and now we are looking at the nail in the lid of the coffin with the Obama health care plan.If you can not create jobs without massive debt you are not qualified for the job as you have done nothing more than created an artificial economy but what more could we expect from this administration?Obama is a product of the welfare system so he really has no clue what it is to earn something as he has always been given to with no strings unlike middle class America.Ignorance  is the enemy you can put a man in the White House but you can not put the White House in a man.The following political leaders are guilty of economic malpractice Obama,Reid,Dodd,Frank ,Rangel& Pelosi all should be tried in a court of law potentially having their citizenship revoked on grounds of treason.Biden will be Pardoned for just being a dumb ass and doing what he was told.


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