All across America Americans who were both pro and con Obama now stand in a state of dismay as the wolf comes out of the sheep’s clothing with a vengeance that has put this country closer to socialism than it has ever been.For many this attack on our democracy brings us the same degree of horror and anger that we experienced during the tragedy of 911.The Obama closet appears to be packed with skeletons from both past and present associations as the stupidity and incompetence continue to come from a president that is anything but presidential.This president seems to feel that he and his government are fit to manage the affairs of the country yet he is failing the simplest task as sound policies,common sense and good judgement so how can we go to the next level when you fail at the basics?This president is treating the country as though he is still a community organizer with ACORN associations helping those who are incapable of helping themselves.This is not what the majority of  Americans need it is just the opposite as we can help ourselves and will if government gets out of the way as it is only the red tape of government that is screwing things up and weakening our country.Many Americans are reluctant to swallow this socialist pill so Obama is turning to speeches to our children and educators in efforts to brainwash and indoctrinate them with his socialism.This policy is being rejected by mainstream America while many would like some straight answers on who he really is and why the bait and switch game deceiving the country that gave him a chance to be something great rather than his current trend as the worst president in the history of this nation.


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