Millions of Americans have served in the Military and many have died all in the effort to preserve freedom for you and I and our children and grandchildren.Our forefathers put there lives on the line to bring us this great nation.After hundreds of years of struggle this nation is now the greatest nation on earth but all that is great is soon to end.The freedoms that our fellow American citizens serving in the Military fought so hard to preserve are in jeopardy under the current Administration as Obama methodically picks apart our democracy.All of the efforts and loss of life will have been in vein if this president  with his brainless puppet representatives are allowed to push Thur their socialist agenda.To make it simple as the old saying goes the fox is in the hen house or a socialist/communist is in the White House.There can be no greater frustration for those who have served and put their life on the line to witness such horrific policies as Obama welcomes those who hate us to stand at his side and assist him for what purpose?The most insulting moment a parent or spouse must experience is having to see Obama after the death of a loved one serving in the military as we know he is not with us but with them those who hate us.This president is closer to being a terrorist rather than a patriot.Those who have served are turning over in their grave as they watch this nation unravel.



  1. Country boy Says:

    God Bless America and protect us from the idiots who are currently in office…Obama,Pelosi,Reid,Dodd&Frank…Amen..

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