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October 31, 2009

America approaches closer to economic ruin as another government program is on the verge of being implemented by the demented Obama administration.This program touted by the administration bill HR2454 is far from what we are being led to believe.This bill is touted by government and special interest as one that will make America green by requiring all homes in America to be energy efficient before they can be sold.This is a brief over view but the reality of this mandate will have more negative impact than positive.America is already at a disadvantage when it comes to competing in the world market and this will be another set back if we go it alone.We will see a substantial increase of homes put on the market prior to the implementation of this bill flooding an already flooded market reducing prices as well as creating more foreclosures due to the cost burden on the home owner to meet this government regulation as well as softening an already soft real estate market.This will result in a slow down in new construction as well as home sales putting construction workers,real estate agents,building material suppliers and lending institutions and many others all in the unemployment line if they were not already there.The administrations claim to fame is they are going to re power America and put people to work in green jobs with your tax dollars and pay these people 3 to 5 times above what these jobs should really cost and will probably not verify their completion so the main objective may not even be accomplished.This is just another typical bullshit government black hole of waste in which the tax payer gets screwed.Any program the government mandates and oversees failure is guaranteed as the private sector is much more efficient and has no bureaucracy.A simple solution would have been to offer a tax credit to the seller if the home met the energy efficient criteria and if the home does not meet the standards give the buyer a tax credit for bringing the home up to standards.No mandates no penalties just rewards for compliance and you will get much greater results .The American clean energy act as well as the current health care bill both have good intentions they are just poorly written and mirror socialism rather than a efficient plan written for success.Both plans in their current form are bad for America not that this administration would care as he as well is bad for America.



October 27, 2009

Any advocate of free speech regardless of political preference must be skeptical of this administration and their rampage against free speech.Fox news has been attacked for presenting views that differ from the current socialist agenda of the Obama administration and they have come under fierce attack for doing so.Never in this history of this country has the degree of arrogance been displayed as we are witnessing under the ignorance of this administration.If news media and the public are not allowed to express opinions and facts that differ from the powers that be than we do not have free speech.It would appear this administration does not want to hear any criticism and demands praise even when praise is not due.It would appear this administration has confused the office of President of the United States with Fantasy Island.


October 26, 2009

America is in turmoil and the solutions seem so basic yet the Obama administration with the help of Pelosi ,Reid and many other democrats seem to keep digging the hole of despair deeper and deeper.In the midst of all this turmoil and shady back room deals and political corruption running ramped one man rises above it all to still voice the will of the people and the good of America.Glenn Beck has stood strong in the face of adversity with numerous attacks on himself and fox news many of these attacks ring hollow.Glenn Beck has stood strong in supporting the principles in which this country was founded while many other news groups seem to want to support the socialist communist agenda of Obama and drinking the colloid of complacency.A huge thanks to Glenn for standing as tall as the statue of liberty and for the same principles.The Obama administration is like a jack hammer on the foundation of America and Glenn is like a piece of steel in the foundation that will not bend or break.It is for this reason I feel Glenn is more qualified to be President than Obama as Glenn represents the true voice of America.


October 23, 2009



October 21, 2009

The Obama administration is criticizing Fox news for their reporting of facts as opposed to sugar coating those facts and blowing smoke up the ass of America something this administration has done well all along with the aid of CNN,CBS,MSNBC and others who treat this administration as the golden one even to the point of deceiving  the American public.The attacks by the White House on Fox shows the serious threat Fox news presents in exposing the truth of  most current issues at hand which this administration tries to ram down the throat of America with little say from the people.The bail out of financial institutions,the stimulus bill,the cap and trade bill as well as the current socialized health care all failures in current form if this administration was playing baseball they have four strikes on them plenty enough to be outta there.Fox news appears to be the only current honest news network not on the take by some corrupt administration looking to usurp the power of the people  in order to instill complacency in a people to get one step closer to the new world order agenda.Thank you Fox News for not taking the bait and continuing to report the facts and not fiction.


October 19, 2009

Watching this special with Glenn Beck shed light on the failures of this plan and how America will suffer.Glenn Beck did something unique he invited real Doctors and let them discuss the issues with out a script as opposed to Obama who just had a group of campaign supporters throw on white coats and give a generic thumbs up.It appears clear this plan will not be of benefit to our seniors but a death sentence.Basic health care for the majority of America will be more expensive and less efficient as far as diagnosis and cures due to government bureaucracy.Obama’s haste to pass bills with limited or little personal knowledge and understanding of these bills in order to tout accomplishments is about as intelligent as a young man basing he manhood on how may ladies he can bed.We must resist this ignorance and do what is right for America and as of yet it is nothing Obama has suggested.


October 15, 2009

If one listens to Vice President Joe Biden the stimulus bill is working beyond their wildest expectations.This administration either had very low expectations or Biden is drunk and delirious possibly all of the above.Government can not spend its way out of an economic hole on the back of tax increases this is economics 101 and this administration has failed the American people.In a time of such economic turmoil and possible peril it is sad to see the best we have in this country are on the sidelines and the third string is on the field. The score is this Mr Biden good jobs are disappearing and the economy has gotten worse with no rainbow in sight and the tax burden you placed on America is absurd and will not pay dividends.Money talks bullshit walks so where are you walking to Mr Biden?Where is the beef where are the jobs?


October 13, 2009

The recent award of the Nobel peace prize to Obama who has done nothing in his political career to deserve such an award takes away all credibility of the award and of those who decide the recipient.This process has become nothing more than a high school prom queen election no substance all politics.There is clearly many more qualified and better candidates than Obama who have been denied the acknowledgement they deserve due to  political game playing.It is sad to see such a potentially great achievement award cheapened by politics rather than awarded on Merit and achievements.We must no longer pay heed to this award as it now means nothing.


October 11, 2009

It baffles one to see the ignorance of the Obama administration when it comes to foreign policy and common sense.One would think that  even though Obama has no experience and even less common sense he would at least surround himself with a few good people but apparently with his crowd those are far and few between just like in Chicago.Sheriff Arpaio is a dedicated American Patriot bound and determined to do his job to the best of his ability.Sheriff Arpaio is a model citizen and is doing a great job yet he has come under attack from the Obama administration who has failed at his job and has one of the lowest ratings of any President yet he continues to defy the will of the people which shows he is really stupid,has his head up his ass , he is a socialist with a agenda to destroy American democracy or all of above.Obama has chosen to attack sheriff Arpaio on his stance against illegal immigration which threatens our security and democracy yet he can not take the time to take a serious stance on Iran who also now threatens our security.If I could offer any advice to this administration it would be Sheriff Arpiao is much older and wiser than you and his views are closer to those of the majority of America than yours and you could be a much better President if you followed his lead.


October 9, 2009

I have often stated that Carter was the worst president in American history with Bush W closing in on the title.Obama in  just a short period has aggressively grasped the title proving himself to be the worst president in the history of America and the dumbest politician to ever hold office. Although Obama’s election was fraudulent due to voter fraud by Acorn there are still many legitimate votes by some very stupid people who should start kissing their asses goodbye as Americas ability to survive the tyrant of this asshole as well as that of the dumbasscrats also known as democrats before they went stupid or also known as pelosi.The great communicator has deceived America with his smooth talk and rederick allowing those who have been waiting for the moment of weakness to present itself before attacking us.China as well as Russia are now positioning themselves for this attack as America is at her weakest point in the last twenty years under the current incompetent administration.Those who voted for change how do you like it?If you are a terrorist in GITMO life is good otherwise things really suck as GITMO terrorist seem to be the only concern.Obama will probably give them all a free home in the USA and a pension for life as well as free explosives as needed all at the tax payers expense like every other Obama program what a dumb ass he and those who support him need to get the hell out of here go find a nation that needs you one that is already the shits so no real big changes to disrupt everyday life.The icing on the cake is when my daughter who is in seventh grade came home and told me that they had watched three Obama speeches in school and her Teacher told her Obama is going to do good things for this country what kinda rat poison crap do they feed our kids in these public schools and maybe this is the root of the problem.