Obamas lack of experience has generated worldwide disrespect for a man who promised change and change it is as we go from a highly respected world power to a disorganized country on the brink of collapse.While the crisis is growing Obama is out seeking to bring the Olympics to Chicago common sense is not a virtue of obama as this is the least of the countries worries.If we continue on the obama path Chicago will not be around for the Olympics nor will America unless we allow a military dictatorship removing obama from power is our only hope.The world laughs as America cries as the Obama policies are like a bull in a china shop breaking apart a great nation and her values to the applaud of her enemies. Obamas failure to get concessions or support from Russia on Iran while knowing Iran has a second nuke plant and not being forthcoming shows his weakness as a leader.The fact that he schooled ACORN on how to lie and cheat the government confirms his lack of ethics and again proves he is weak ethically and morally and not fit to lead this nation.


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