I have often stated that Carter was the worst president in American history with Bush W closing in on the title.Obama in  just a short period has aggressively grasped the title proving himself to be the worst president in the history of America and the dumbest politician to ever hold office. Although Obama’s election was fraudulent due to voter fraud by Acorn there are still many legitimate votes by some very stupid people who should start kissing their asses goodbye as Americas ability to survive the tyrant of this asshole as well as that of the dumbasscrats also known as democrats before they went stupid or also known as pelosi.The great communicator has deceived America with his smooth talk and rederick allowing those who have been waiting for the moment of weakness to present itself before attacking us.China as well as Russia are now positioning themselves for this attack as America is at her weakest point in the last twenty years under the current incompetent administration.Those who voted for change how do you like it?If you are a terrorist in GITMO life is good otherwise things really suck as GITMO terrorist seem to be the only concern.Obama will probably give them all a free home in the USA and a pension for life as well as free explosives as needed all at the tax payers expense like every other Obama program what a dumb ass he and those who support him need to get the hell out of here go find a nation that needs you one that is already the shits so no real big changes to disrupt everyday life.The icing on the cake is when my daughter who is in seventh grade came home and told me that they had watched three Obama speeches in school and her Teacher told her Obama is going to do good things for this country what kinda rat poison crap do they feed our kids in these public schools and maybe this is the root of the problem.


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