America is in turmoil and the solutions seem so basic yet the Obama administration with the help of Pelosi ,Reid and many other democrats seem to keep digging the hole of despair deeper and deeper.In the midst of all this turmoil and shady back room deals and political corruption running ramped one man rises above it all to still voice the will of the people and the good of America.Glenn Beck has stood strong in the face of adversity with numerous attacks on himself and fox news many of these attacks ring hollow.Glenn Beck has stood strong in supporting the principles in which this country was founded while many other news groups seem to want to support the socialist communist agenda of Obama and drinking the colloid of complacency.A huge thanks to Glenn for standing as tall as the statue of liberty and for the same principles.The Obama administration is like a jack hammer on the foundation of America and Glenn is like a piece of steel in the foundation that will not bend or break.It is for this reason I feel Glenn is more qualified to be President than Obama as Glenn represents the true voice of America.


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