America approaches closer to economic ruin as another government program is on the verge of being implemented by the demented Obama administration.This program touted by the administration bill HR2454 is far from what we are being led to believe.This bill is touted by government and special interest as one that will make America green by requiring all homes in America to be energy efficient before they can be sold.This is a brief over view but the reality of this mandate will have more negative impact than positive.America is already at a disadvantage when it comes to competing in the world market and this will be another set back if we go it alone.We will see a substantial increase of homes put on the market prior to the implementation of this bill flooding an already flooded market reducing prices as well as creating more foreclosures due to the cost burden on the home owner to meet this government regulation as well as softening an already soft real estate market.This will result in a slow down in new construction as well as home sales putting construction workers,real estate agents,building material suppliers and lending institutions and many others all in the unemployment line if they were not already there.The administrations claim to fame is they are going to re power America and put people to work in green jobs with your tax dollars and pay these people 3 to 5 times above what these jobs should really cost and will probably not verify their completion so the main objective may not even be accomplished.This is just another typical bullshit government black hole of waste in which the tax payer gets screwed.Any program the government mandates and oversees failure is guaranteed as the private sector is much more efficient and has no bureaucracy.A simple solution would have been to offer a tax credit to the seller if the home met the energy efficient criteria and if the home does not meet the standards give the buyer a tax credit for bringing the home up to standards.No mandates no penalties just rewards for compliance and you will get much greater results .The American clean energy act as well as the current health care bill both have good intentions they are just poorly written and mirror socialism rather than a efficient plan written for success.Both plans in their current form are bad for America not that this administration would care as he as well is bad for America.


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