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November 28, 2009

It is now clear to the World that  President Obama is more committed to the Muslim religion and the advancement of this religion over Christianity in America.A christmas tree in the White House as well as the christian beliefs are more of a political formality for Obama rather than a desire.The following is a quote from Obama,I will stand with the muslims should the political winds shift in a  ugly direction.Where has this man been?  Was he not present for 911 or has he not payed attention to all the current threats by Iran and many other terrorist all muslim.The hush on the Fort Hood incident as far as reference to muslims is another tragedy.So with the political winds already shifting to ugly and a long list of Obama statements admitting he is a muslim and his praise for muslims and the religion it is clear christianity is not the religon of choice for this president.The question now is will Obama convert America to the muslim faith and accomplish the job that many terrorist have failed to  acomplish which is to destroy one of the most powerful christian nations in the world.This is not a unthinkable reality as Obama did get elected president which this act in itself  was almost equivalent to the tragedy of 911.The question still stands was his election a fraudulent one with uncontrolled internet funds as well as voting.It sickens ones stomach to see that actual Americans would have voted for this man a subject their families and fellow Americans to the rath of  Obama. America was dealt a devastating blow by muslims in the name of Allah and it came into power with Obama.



November 20, 2009

Sarah Palin has come under extreme fire from the left after her run for VP as well as her most recent book.Newsweek recently put Palin on the cover in a pair of shorts which is clearly a sexist stance and yet NOW the national organization of women is silent simply because she is a conservative woman as opposed to a liberal woman which shows as an organization they are not true to the cause of all women but rather a selected few or members only sad but true.The associated press assigned eleven fact checkers to review Palins book yet Obama went unchecked and praised even with statements that he would side with muslims over christians?We are clearly seeing discrimination against a white christian woman while the press walks lightly around a black muslim man hiding behind christanity.If the associated press,Newsweek and the National organization of women would have all done due diligence Obama would have never been elected President.It is sad to see such organizations caught up in blind party patriotism as opposed to what is best for America and your own freedom of speech which is now in jeopardy as Obama wants no criticism of his administration as verified by his attack on fox news.The threat is clear Obama is a puppet of the left who speaks well when he is given prepared statements or teleprompter speeches kinda on the big brother scene and a little scary yet on the right you have Palin who speaks from the heart and her mind as opposed to pre scripted teleprompter scripts.Palin representsthe best interest of America and Obama represents everything but that as he is to concerned with his world popularity as opposed to that of those who elected him.It is only a matter of time in which Obama must pull his head out of his ass on place it on his shoulders and become a leader as opposed to the dumb puppet he currently presides as.America will not tolerate this ignorance much longer if the election were tomorrow Obama would need to call the moving trucks regardless of who ran against him.


November 19, 2009

Attorney General Holder was like a third grader in the principles office as he sat before the senate and answered questions or at least tried to as well as tried to make sense out of this administrations decision to bring the 911 terrorist to New York for trial. If they plan on these trials being their claim to fame they are going to be disappointed as it is going to result in just the opposite.The outrage in America crosses all party lines as we all suffered during this crisis and do not want to relive this tragedy nor have it turn into a circus.The attorney General was ill equipped in his answering of questions on the matter his incompetence on the sensitivity of this matter is similar to that of Obama and the needs of the nation both men need to do the honorable thing and step down and let those more capable take matters into their hands.This matter is just one of many of the ill conceived policies of this administration as he continues to dash all hopes as a successful president and we as a people have to endure the term of yet another idiot.These two men have failed us and it is time for them to go.


November 18, 2009

Lou Dobbs a true American Patriot who has been a long time champion of real issues in America is a man clearly suited for the White House. The integrity of a man such as Lou Dobbs would bring back faith , hope and integrity to the White House all of which have disappeared under the Obama administration as Americans watch their representation and rights disappear while the pre existing problems only grow as the President realizes the job is a little more detailed than community organizing and giving out free food. Lou Dobbs who recently left CNN has continued to address the real issues that impact middle America as well as suggesting real solutions Lou understands the problems and knows the solutions unlike Obama who understands neither.Lou has been both critical of Republican and Democrats as he simply cares about what is best for America as opposed to political party agendas as he has remained independent as opposed to Obama who is rubber stamping policies that he neither reads or understands nor does he have the best interest of our country at heart.We need real leadership and substance in the White House Obama is lacking in both while Dobbs has shown himself very capable.


November 14, 2009

President Obama and attorney general Eric Holder have managed to pull off one of the most horrific actions of a government in this country since the inception of government.As if 911 itself was not tragedy enough Obama and Holder have decided to relive the tragedy by bringing the very terrorist of 911 back to New York for a public trial for fairness as opposed to letting the military court oversee the trials.Did the victims of 911 have a fair chance for survival from these terrorist? I think not.The fact that Obama is a sympathizer of anti American Muslim terrorist and Holder who is simply looking to be someone as he has always been a nobody.Holders current actions will give him greater access to the liberal whores in which will allow to make him feel fulfilled as a man at the expense of our country.Obama will save face with the Muslims at the expense of American victims and family of the 911 tragedy and keep his agenda of empowering Islam and Muslim dominance in America.I would consider Obama of the same cloth as Hitler and would trust him about the same.The election of Obama and his choices of appointment of staff could possibly prove to be a greater tragedy than 911 itself as Obama exposes us to greater terrorist threats possibly an intentional move to accomplish his goals.If we Americans had the same resolve and strength that we were founded on and policies of the 1940 error when we had focus on who we our the current administration and staff would also be sent to a gitmo on treason which would be clearly justified even today.


November 11, 2009

Many Americans express outrage as the President walks on egg shells for his Muslim following by down playing the terrorist attack at Fort Hood by not calling it what it is which was an act of terrorism by another Islamic radical.By being a radical Muslim anti American sympathizer Obama puts all of America at risk and incidents such as this are going to be on the rise.Obama is so determined that all of these acts against us are a result of crimes we have committed against Islamic nations as well as others.Obama appears to be fulfilling the Reverend Wright prophecy and the anti American sentiment as he makes excuses for actions against us in order to justify them.Obama continues to surround himself with people who tear down the walls of freedom and are enemies of our land while most of America looks on in disbelief of the monster we have created.


November 9, 2009

If you love America this site is a must as it is the perfect message from patriotic Americans to those who have betrayed us.The  only down fall of the site is that it does not address the President himself who is considered to be the leader of the socialist movement and the destruction of the free world.


November 6, 2009

In a time when all of America is suffering from a economic melt down Arnold Schwarzengger and friends decided to stick it in the butt of Californians to compensate for their incompentency as inability to properly manage at the government level.Californians have been given a deduction in pay after this recent tax increase on payroll.Californians have been victim to an exodus of  jobs due to burarcy and mismanagement as well as over regulation hampering the ability of the state to compete.Simular to the Obama policy California plans to let honest jobs disappear to neiboring states or foreign countries while creating government jobs funded with tax dollars as opposed to honest manufacturing jobs that create tax revenue and compete globaly.This path of economic self destruction has put California on the brink of bankruptcy as is the nation under Obama.The last thing Americans need in this economy is a tax increase.


November 5, 2009

America has fallen victim to a basic rule of thumb that has long been ignored which is never sleep with the enemy.America has shipped much of its technology overseas to countries such as China who can produce products such as power tools,electronics and much more much cheaper than we can in the USA.The goal of higher profits was short lived as the Chinese have taken our technology and improved it and developed their own companies and product which they manufacture with higher standards than those for the USA.The end result is the Chinese product is superior to that of the one they manufacture for the USA which ultimately puts the company out of business weakening the American economy.America can only resolve by manufacturing here in America and I feel Americans will pay a little more for a quality product made in America saving American jobs.


November 5, 2009

I as a member of the working middle have become discouraged,disgusted and outraged with the crap you and your fellow democrats are pulling on the American people.The abuse of power by you and your fellow democrats including Obama is an outrage.There has not been one sound decision made since the Obama administration has taken office.The financial institution bail out was a catastrophe,the firing of the head of GM as well as the auto bailout was no better planned with similar results.The cap and trade bill is only going to create more unemployment in the private sector and is bad for America.The stimulus bill was a joke with exaggerated claims of success which are proven exaggerations.I still think back a few months ago when Biden said the stimulus bill is working beyond their  expectations either they had very low expectations or he is just stupid yet he did get caught cheating  in law school so maybe he is a stupid liar. The socialized health care is also not a popular bill and clearly has many problems and will put our economy in greater jeopardy than you already have and we will actually experience a decrease in the quality of health care.The simple fact of the matter is more government is not what we need as big government is inefficient and ineffective.With government efficiency is not possible as the bureaucracy in enforcement of efficiency is impossible as it is almost as though government jobs are a extension of welfare.You have allowed the White House jeopardize the security of this nation by appointing CZARS and bypassing review by yourself and those elected to make these decisions this is a direct violation of our constitution all on your watch.You have passed bills to fund the health of rodents and their environment while Americans continue to suffer and no this study had no impact on ending our suffering yet our tax dollars will fund it.  It is appalling to see the ignorance you displayed in declaring a victory for democrats after the election of  Tuesday November 3 are you really that stupid many think so this was a mandate in which America has spoken to you and your party are going the wrong way.It is undecided as of yet if you are under the influence of drugs and alcohol or just a stupid airhead but do not be ashamed as the same concerns can be said for Biden,Boxer,Reid and Obama as well as many democrats.We as Americans want jobs,secure borders,national security and free enterprise with no government intervention and last but not least we are a christian nation a non other and that is all we need to concern ourselves with.The American people can hardly wait for the next elections and I assure you and your fellow democrats will be ousted and on the following election Obama and the rest will be sent packing only than will America begin to heal.If it were my choice you would all be tried for treason and expelled from the country with the loss of citizenship as you are devastating to this country.The change Obama and you have provided for America really sucks and does not work for middle class America or America as a whole.