This is what we can expect to happen under the current Obama administration and his policies.We will see an increase in welfare and poverty as well as a minimum increase in unemployment of 5% with the possibility of the overall unemployment between 15 %and 20%.The economy will be the worst in the history of the nation thanks to non other than Obama and his cronies Bush is no longer the blame for the current economic situation.It is the failed policies of Obama that are possibly intentional in effort to send this country into economic peril or the other possibility is he is really just a ignorant dumb ass and anything beyond a community organizer is outside of his abilities .When one reviews the Obamanomics plan it is clear that there is a agenda of destruction in place possibly a plan of revenge on  America for the sufferings of blacks in the past.Obama may still be under the influence of Reverend Wright,Malcolm x and the black panthers as well as many other terrorist all in an effort to bring America to her knees and bring about suffrage to all to share the pain and suffering of past African Americans.Racism is alive and well in America it has risen to the highest level possible the President of the United States and he intends to us it to destroy this great nation as opposed to bringing about positive change for the good of all.The is nothing good that comes from demented men as in the case of Obama so until he is removed from office all of America will suffer.


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