I as a member of the working middle have become discouraged,disgusted and outraged with the crap you and your fellow democrats are pulling on the American people.The abuse of power by you and your fellow democrats including Obama is an outrage.There has not been one sound decision made since the Obama administration has taken office.The financial institution bail out was a catastrophe,the firing of the head of GM as well as the auto bailout was no better planned with similar results.The cap and trade bill is only going to create more unemployment in the private sector and is bad for America.The stimulus bill was a joke with exaggerated claims of success which are proven exaggerations.I still think back a few months ago when Biden said the stimulus bill is working beyond their  expectations either they had very low expectations or he is just stupid yet he did get caught cheating  in law school so maybe he is a stupid liar. The socialized health care is also not a popular bill and clearly has many problems and will put our economy in greater jeopardy than you already have and we will actually experience a decrease in the quality of health care.The simple fact of the matter is more government is not what we need as big government is inefficient and ineffective.With government efficiency is not possible as the bureaucracy in enforcement of efficiency is impossible as it is almost as though government jobs are a extension of welfare.You have allowed the White House jeopardize the security of this nation by appointing CZARS and bypassing review by yourself and those elected to make these decisions this is a direct violation of our constitution all on your watch.You have passed bills to fund the health of rodents and their environment while Americans continue to suffer and no this study had no impact on ending our suffering yet our tax dollars will fund it.  It is appalling to see the ignorance you displayed in declaring a victory for democrats after the election of  Tuesday November 3 are you really that stupid many think so this was a mandate in which America has spoken to you and your party are going the wrong way.It is undecided as of yet if you are under the influence of drugs and alcohol or just a stupid airhead but do not be ashamed as the same concerns can be said for Biden,Boxer,Reid and Obama as well as many democrats.We as Americans want jobs,secure borders,national security and free enterprise with no government intervention and last but not least we are a christian nation a non other and that is all we need to concern ourselves with.The American people can hardly wait for the next elections and I assure you and your fellow democrats will be ousted and on the following election Obama and the rest will be sent packing only than will America begin to heal.If it were my choice you would all be tried for treason and expelled from the country with the loss of citizenship as you are devastating to this country.The change Obama and you have provided for America really sucks and does not work for middle class America or America as a whole.


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