Lou Dobbs a true American Patriot who has been a long time champion of real issues in America is a man clearly suited for the White House. The integrity of a man such as Lou Dobbs would bring back faith , hope and integrity to the White House all of which have disappeared under the Obama administration as Americans watch their representation and rights disappear while the pre existing problems only grow as the President realizes the job is a little more detailed than community organizing and giving out free food. Lou Dobbs who recently left CNN has continued to address the real issues that impact middle America as well as suggesting real solutions Lou understands the problems and knows the solutions unlike Obama who understands neither.Lou has been both critical of Republican and Democrats as he simply cares about what is best for America as opposed to political party agendas as he has remained independent as opposed to Obama who is rubber stamping policies that he neither reads or understands nor does he have the best interest of our country at heart.We need real leadership and substance in the White House Obama is lacking in both while Dobbs has shown himself very capable.


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