Attorney General Holder was like a third grader in the principles office as he sat before the senate and answered questions or at least tried to as well as tried to make sense out of this administrations decision to bring the 911 terrorist to New York for trial. If they plan on these trials being their claim to fame they are going to be disappointed as it is going to result in just the opposite.The outrage in America crosses all party lines as we all suffered during this crisis and do not want to relive this tragedy nor have it turn into a circus.The attorney General was ill equipped in his answering of questions on the matter his incompetence on the sensitivity of this matter is similar to that of Obama and the needs of the nation both men need to do the honorable thing and step down and let those more capable take matters into their hands.This matter is just one of many of the ill conceived policies of this administration as he continues to dash all hopes as a successful president and we as a people have to endure the term of yet another idiot.These two men have failed us and it is time for them to go.


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