Sarah Palin has come under extreme fire from the left after her run for VP as well as her most recent book.Newsweek recently put Palin on the cover in a pair of shorts which is clearly a sexist stance and yet NOW the national organization of women is silent simply because she is a conservative woman as opposed to a liberal woman which shows as an organization they are not true to the cause of all women but rather a selected few or members only sad but true.The associated press assigned eleven fact checkers to review Palins book yet Obama went unchecked and praised even with statements that he would side with muslims over christians?We are clearly seeing discrimination against a white christian woman while the press walks lightly around a black muslim man hiding behind christanity.If the associated press,Newsweek and the National organization of women would have all done due diligence Obama would have never been elected President.It is sad to see such organizations caught up in blind party patriotism as opposed to what is best for America and your own freedom of speech which is now in jeopardy as Obama wants no criticism of his administration as verified by his attack on fox news.The threat is clear Obama is a puppet of the left who speaks well when he is given prepared statements or teleprompter speeches kinda on the big brother scene and a little scary yet on the right you have Palin who speaks from the heart and her mind as opposed to pre scripted teleprompter scripts.Palin representsthe best interest of America and Obama represents everything but that as he is to concerned with his world popularity as opposed to that of those who elected him.It is only a matter of time in which Obama must pull his head out of his ass on place it on his shoulders and become a leader as opposed to the dumb puppet he currently presides as.America will not tolerate this ignorance much longer if the election were tomorrow Obama would need to call the moving trucks regardless of who ran against him.


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