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December 30, 2009

During his campaign for President of the United States Obama led many to believe that he was a moderate candidate even though he had possibly one of the most questionable as well as radical left wing back grounds of any prior Presidential candidate.Since his election Obama has deviated away from his moderate theme and has reverted back to the radical left wing of his past only to disappoint many of those who helped elect him.Quoting an Obama speech Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time.We are the ones we ve been waiting for.We are the change we seek.Is he speaking to America or radical muslims?I think this is a message to those who brought him to the White House which is radical muslims and their funding of the most fraudulent election in the history of this country.The terrorist of 911 failed to physically destroy the White House but they were successful in morally and ethically destroying it on the election of Obama.As we see the fall of the White House is very well the fall of America and the old saying goes history repeats itself in this case the trojan horse has risen again in this case it came in the form of Obama.Many people are being misled that the terroist are working harder to attack us which is not true the Obama administration is just making it easier to attack us and my question is why and why do we stand for this?



December 24, 2009

Americas faith is in jeopardy under Obama as he attacks Christianity in America and the traditional faith of this country.Christianity is the principle religion this nation was founded on and the deviation from this religion will only weaken our resolve as a nation as we dilute our principles and faith.This president has continued to run the good ship America into the rocks while assuring us all the sharks will not feed on us as he works to convert America to Islam.This lie is just one of many this administration continues to fabricate among these lies the stimulus bill,health care reform and the cap and trade bill not one of these will benefit this country.In reality all of these fabrications are just a means of socializing this country by a man who has clearly failed the principles in which this nation was founded.We as Americans must stand strong and reverse the toxic bill of goods we have been sold under the doctrine of change.


December 22, 2009

Today president Obama stood before the American people and gave a speech on making government more efficient as well as touting the benefits of the health care bill all of what he said was bullshit and a pack of lies as though we the American people are ignorant and can not determine reality.It is though the Orwell prophecy is alive and well as our government is so far detached from reality that it is scary.We the people are treated as ignorant puppets of this new administration as they manipulate the truth in order to push through a socialist agenda.The stimilus program failed to create jobs in the private sector the health care bill will add to the deficit both of which Obama is in denial.


December 17, 2009

As I walk thru the valley of the shadow of death the only evil I fear is that of Obama and his incompentence.Obama and Tiger have one thing in common which is they both whore around Tiger for pleasure and Obama for votes both men have fallen from the ranks of black idols to a disgrace to the race as well as mankind.The state of the Union has continued to deteriorate under Obama as his lack of experience and poor decisions have put this nation in jeperody.Obama grades himself a b+ when a d- is more realistic for such a poor performance and that is a generous grade.He is a pampas ass that has done nothing good to date and probably will not have any accomplishments that will ever amount to a hill of beans yet he will probably see things different as his head is in the sand.Tiger is a rich man and he has came by it honestly with the accomplishments due to his talents in golf.Obama finances are unknown and come from unknown sources possibly foreign governments and we know Obama has no talent and does not come by any money honestly.Obama is nothing more than a product of the corrupt chicago political machine which makes him political trash and a disgrace to the office of the President.The deteration of America financially,morally and ethically as Obama chisels away at the foundation of our Nation and christianity is inevitable and his agenda disturbing to those of sound mind.


December 7, 2009

Anyone who climbed to fame as fast as Obama risk falling just as fast as he had no substance and was merely an infatuation with the young and dumb which is now worn thin  with most of America.By this time next year Obama will be the most hated man in America and wishing he was back in Kenya.Not since carter has there been a more incompetent man in the White House the only difference is Carter honestly thought he was helping America and Obama knows he is honestly destroying America and he could care less.It is sad to see that the first black President will be known as the worst President in the history of the country.Maybe Tiger Woods would have been a better choice as he only cheats on his wife not his country.


December 4, 2009

On Tuesday December 1st 2009 America witnessed President Obama give a speech that only humiliated most of America as well as those abroad.Obama committed to increasing the troops in Afghanistan while in the same sentence commited to pulling out the troops clearly showing his hand to the enemy a screw up that only reeks of incompetence and lack of experiance.This speech was given in the presence of Americas finest yet most needed tooth picks to keep their eyelids open as this speech was lacking substance and enthusiasm as this speech was simply a ploy to try and raise the Presidents approval rating in which he failed. Obama whines that we need to be bipartisan yet in his speeches he continues to blame Bush for everything that has gone wrong back to World War one when will Obama start leading and stop whining and making excuses?Enough is Enough move on.Obamas blame game is typical for one who is struggling or lacking in ability and that is to divert the attention from himself and put it on the back of others as Obama is currently doing with Bush.


December 3, 2009

The  Obama administration has set a radical agenda in which they are fast tracking a green jobs creation program deceiving Americans that this is the direction we need to take while giving up our manufacturing base.This whole idea is a farce and will cost far more jobs than it will create in this country as we see an exodus of businesses to countries that refuse to participate in this hoax.In lieu of creating honest jobs the liberal left is playing the guilt card on the environment as it is easier than doing what they should be doing and promoting policies that will enable America to compete in the global economy.Going green is another term for higher cost of doing business higher taxes and big government all job killers.The green job seekers are riping off people and government agencies wasting tax dollars that could be used in health and human services and other needed programs.Going green in California is probably among one of the reasons California is going broke and loosing jobs.The cap and trade program will finish off the true economy of this country and all we will have left is this false economy of green jobs based off tax dollars that will dry up shortly.We have found that global warming information has been falsely presented in order to create fear to further this agenda one that Obama will take to Copenhagen possibly making a commitment to increase regulations on our industries furthering our economic demise.In short the foundation of our house is crumbling and Obama and crew are worried about the curtains.  This policy is only benefiting a few such as Al Gore who is an energy sucking pig in a private jet who has played on the fears of innocent people to create wealth for himself.It may possibly put many third world countries in a worse state as we will become poorer as a nation and less likely to be able to assist these poorer nations.