On Tuesday December 1st 2009 America witnessed President Obama give a speech that only humiliated most of America as well as those abroad.Obama committed to increasing the troops in Afghanistan while in the same sentence commited to pulling out the troops clearly showing his hand to the enemy a screw up that only reeks of incompetence and lack of experiance.This speech was given in the presence of Americas finest yet most needed tooth picks to keep their eyelids open as this speech was lacking substance and enthusiasm as this speech was simply a ploy to try and raise the Presidents approval rating in which he failed. Obama whines that we need to be bipartisan yet in his speeches he continues to blame Bush for everything that has gone wrong back to World War one when will Obama start leading and stop whining and making excuses?Enough is Enough move on.Obamas blame game is typical for one who is struggling or lacking in ability and that is to divert the attention from himself and put it on the back of others as Obama is currently doing with Bush.


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