As I walk thru the valley of the shadow of death the only evil I fear is that of Obama and his incompentence.Obama and Tiger have one thing in common which is they both whore around Tiger for pleasure and Obama for votes both men have fallen from the ranks of black idols to a disgrace to the race as well as mankind.The state of the Union has continued to deteriorate under Obama as his lack of experience and poor decisions have put this nation in jeperody.Obama grades himself a b+ when a d- is more realistic for such a poor performance and that is a generous grade.He is a pampas ass that has done nothing good to date and probably will not have any accomplishments that will ever amount to a hill of beans yet he will probably see things different as his head is in the sand.Tiger is a rich man and he has came by it honestly with the accomplishments due to his talents in golf.Obama finances are unknown and come from unknown sources possibly foreign governments and we know Obama has no talent and does not come by any money honestly.Obama is nothing more than a product of the corrupt chicago political machine which makes him political trash and a disgrace to the office of the President.The deteration of America financially,morally and ethically as Obama chisels away at the foundation of our Nation and christianity is inevitable and his agenda disturbing to those of sound mind.


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