The good coming our way in 2010 is that after screwing up this country beyond anyone’s belief in 2009 Obama and his democrat counterparts will be held accountable by the American voters.Most are confident that all democrats up for re election will become among the ranks of the unemployed or return to their life in crime before they were elected.Even the money of foreign interest as well as Acorn and other fraudulent votes will not salvage this administration. With this in mind we can rest assured that things will be better in 2011 and great in 2012 after Obama is defeated in his re election bid if impeachment does not happen before this but than we would be stuck with Biden who is just as dumb if not dumber the only difference is Biden commitment is to America and Obama to Islam.The bad heading our way in 2010 is we will continue to see good jobs decline in this country and our national debt climb as this administration fails to create jobs and meaningful employment in the private sector while burdening the tax payers with an over abundance of government jobs.The ugly coming our way in 2010 will be many more attacks and deaths of Americans by terrorist due to the incompetence of Napolitano and Obama due to his commitment to Muslim hating Christians as opposed to defending America and Christianity.We will also possibly experience an uprising in this country in which life will be lost in defiance of this administration and his assult on democracy as well as Christianity.In short we will experience the next American revolution in which success can be measured only in how many of the Obama policies are reversed and how many liberals are replaced with conservatives those true to the cause of this nation.



2 Responses to “THE GOOD,BAD&THE UGLY IN 2010”

  1. Country boy Says:

    Messenger do you really think Obama is wet behind the ears and incompetent or is something else going on?

    • middleclassmessenge1 Says:

      Country boy you appear to be one of few who are paying attention and yes something else is going on.While Obama falls back on the wet behind the ears card allowing him t get a pass from most of America while they await his maturing into a President he is working behind the scenes to ensure the security and stability of Islam and the Muslim religion while spiting on Christianity and the American flag.Bin Laden or Obama same threat to America just different style of attacks.

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