When Government policy is determined by lawyers and silver spoon bureaucrats as opposed to the those of us who are actually the backbone of this Nation as opposed to the fat we will continue to have serious problems.Mounds of bullshit and bureaucracy can only come from all of this and here lies the current problem of this Nation.We have gotten away from excelling at the basics and practicing common sense policy all in effort to be politically correct and cater to everyone under the sun except those who are the most important and critical to this country which is the middle class America and our military.We are currently facing catastrophic policies that will  put us into third world status these policies include the stimulus package,the cap & trade bill,the tarp program,the relaxed policy on border security,the release of terrorist from GITMO as well as taking these terrorist out of the hands of the military and assigning them to the courts.The health care reform which will cost 2.5 trillion over 10 years of full implementation a tax increase of almost 1/2 a trillion and twenty eight billion of new taxes on employers all paid for by American workers in the form of reduced wages and you will also be paying for illegal aliens who pay nothing and possibly have replaced you in the work place.The health care bill is said to be 2074 pages way beyond reasonable and basic and simply dysfunctional most of these arrogant asses that produced this bill including the President have not read this bill in its integrity and would not do so unless they were paid above and beyond their current pay.Why is this administration more concerned with the rights of terrorist rather than the rights of Americans and our safety? It appears Obama is catering to Muslims and this religion and it could very well be that most of his campaign funding over the Internet could have come from Muslims simply to bring us to the place we are today which is a America with her guard down and a President that is turning his back on the security of this nation.Water boarding should be standard operating procedure of terrorist and they have no rights their fiat is in the hands of our military based on the nature of the crime keep it simple.Why is it that the last three presidents are more concerned with the quality of their vacation as opposed to the quality of the job they do as President of the United States they all turn into arrogant rock star mentality in which they are godlike as opposed to what they were hired to do which is be on the job 24/7 no rest no life and keep us safe but somehow this has turned into a kickback job possibly under Clinton who saw it fit to screw who ever he wanted to in the White House in effort to keep up with Hefner and the playboy mansion.Obama not to be outdone has decided to screw everyone in America.


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  1. Country boy Says:

    Obama is the problem Romney is the solution..or anyone with common sense which excludes Obama.

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