The Obama administration and fellow Democrats continue to piss in the wind as they ignore the will of the people ramming socialist policies down the throat of Americans like we are nothing more than mindless farm animals.The Democrats feel they are better suited to make our life decisions than we are ourselves.If the Democrats invoke the nuclear option on passing health care and continue to tax and spend I for one would be open to a Military Coup or a Revolution which ever happened the quickest but the removal of all Democrats from office immediately is in the best interest of the nation in what ever form that removal takes place. It is long past due that accountability be held by our elected officials as when 90k is found in ones freezer or a special loan is given to one on the banking committee.These officials have committed treason and simple slap on the hand is unacceptable Washington DC is the biggest whore house in America and we need to clean house.Obama has proven himself to be a good pimp but this is not the change we asked for nor will it benefit America regardless of your social class.The change we need is not the change we got with Obama but we do need immediate change which is no Obama and no Democratic bullshit.It is now obvious to all America that the election of Obama was clearly a mistake and we need to correct this error in judgement as soon as possible however necessary.


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