In an attempt to make lite of a serious situation we saw President Obama sit before us and smirk while trying to justify the mess he has created.The state of the union speech was sad at best as Obama stood before us and acted as though he was ready to roll up his sleeves like he was ready to go to work.It is clear it is to little to late this President has no plan or method to resolve the current crises.This speech was filled with empty rhetoric as well as contradicting policies on energy and development.Still filled with arrogance and love for himself he spit on the Republicans calling them the party of no and disreguarding that the no was actually the voice of the people and rejection of Obama and his clan of idiots.Although this country has fallen to its lowest point in history under Obama we are not ready to swallow the socialist pill and end the greatest democracy on earth.Obama has deceived Americans in his vows of transparency which has turned into nothing more than a shell game and lies.I did hear some good policies put on the table but doubt the ability or commitment of this President and his ability to deliver.I was not amused by the sarcasms or slap stick humor as someone with a record as poor as his has nothing to laugh about.Obama owes America an apology as he was elected out of anger against the establishment and not for his ability or talent which is now clear he is lacking.The job of President is beyond his ability and the state of the union will not improve until he is out of office be it his choice or the will o the people but it must be soon to avoid catastrophe.Obama owes the country an apology for his incompetent behavior knowing he is putting this nation in harms way due to his incompetence.



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