Many leaders in the business community agree that this administrations assult on business and the wealthy in effort to fund his welfare programs as well as his socialist agenda have broken the spirit of free enterprise in this country and further jeopardized an economy that is in trouble.Capitalism and the free market policies have been interfered with by the government that is inept itself so it has no business interfering in the private sector as this has allowed those who should have failed to continue to be in business under the same policies that put their businesses in trouble in the first place henceforth we still see big bonuses going to those who failed?What a great job and only in America in China you would be lined up against the wall and shot for these same atrocities maybe that is why they are so successful and we are failing.We as a country have left behind the age old rule of compensation and bonuses shall reflect your success as a business man as opposed to a back room deal cut regardless of performance otherwise what is the incentive to make the business succeed?The private sector is becoming more like government in the sense that the pay is the same regardless of how hard you work or dedication to the job.If this administration had its way it would increase government jobs to the demise of the private sector creating a workforce that is fat and happy lacking motivation and dependent on the government completing the socialist agenda and the end of capitalism.The only rainbow in sight is the 2012 elections when Obama and balance of crew will be removed from office and a true American leader can return ethics and confidence to the work place while establishing a safe and strong AMERICA if we can hang on long enough as this reckless behavior chisels away at our foundation.


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  1. MCGILL Says:

    Well stated and so true the future is not so brite…

  2. Jc Abrantes Says:

    A third political party will not be victorious. It never has been; read a history book. Dr. Utopia is systematically breaking apart this land piece by piece and we’re out here proposing songs to the dance band? It is absolutely, vitally crucial that tea partiers, levelheaded conservatives, whatever we wish to call ourselves, TAKE BACK the GOP.

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