Our government system has become similar to the operating system of a computer and an age old saying GIGO which is garbage in garbage out and that is the dilemma of the times.So many of those serving in government today our simply the bottom of the barrel and simply lack those policies that are in the best interest of our country.The greatest stench of the times is coming from the white house as the most rotten of all garbage has filled this house. As the people of this nation look to remove the stench from the white house by removing the trash this removal will not come with out a fight.As Obama faces greater rejection from the people of America crushing his ego and dreams of being the next messiah retaliation against America and further efforts to promote the Muslim agenda of annihilation of christianity can be expected.We must not wait for this Presidents term to end and continue to endure this economic pain and suffering we must remove him from office within the next six months with the articles of impeachment.


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