It is a known fact that the Obama administration is planing to try and grant amnesty to twenty million illegal aliens without the approval of congress.This act will tilt the political environment to favor the democrats while jeopardizing our democracy.This abuse of our constitution is just another example of how corrupt this president.It also brings to question his faith and devotion to the true well being of this country. Allowing this amnesty to take place will bring more devastation to this country than the BP oil crisis in the gulf of Mexico by far. We will find our educational and medical facilities under funded and over populated and law enforcement will not be able to keep up with the increase in crime . Amnesty is unconstitutional and an abuse of power who and why would anyone consider rewarding those who have broken our laws. They are criminals now and should be treated as such.Granting amnesty is the fast path to becoming a third world country and that is exactly what Obama wants as he hates America and all that she stands for.Obama is a raciest as well as a socialist and there is no place in America for him it is time he went back to Kenya and try his socialist agenda there.


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