This is basic in my opinion illegal immigration is just that it is an illegal act and breaks the laws of this country. How did the illegal immigrant get into the country simple the federal government failed to do their job in protecting the citizens of the USA by not securing our border. When this illegal immigrant rapes your daughter or shoots your son while pushing drugs on the corner who should be held accountable? When any violent act is discovered and and illegal immigrant is the culprit my first step would be to sue the federal government for a minimum of one million in damages plus attorneys fees. If that immigrant is inside a sanctuary city I would add that city into the mix and sue them for an additional million as they allowed this to happen by breaking federal law.If the illegal immigrant is employed I would have an additional lawsuit against the business for you guessed it one million dollars for breaking the law and contributing to a crime by supporting illegals. Illegal immigrants need to become such a financial liability that they have no place in America if we did not make a place for them they would not be here.


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