It is a sad day in the American judicial system when our laws are only enforced for political gain and those laws that are in the best interest of this nation are overlooked as our political leaders cater to cries of discrimination and intolerance from a country and its people who insist on breaking our laws and trashing our democracy and even threaten to take our southern states as their own. We have a state Arizona who is being invaded by drug lords human traffickers and illegal aliens all undermining our national security and our quality of life in this country and the Obama administration is filing a lawsuit against Arizona to stop Arizona from enforcing the very same laws that the Obama administration and the Federal Government have failed to enforce.It is a sad day in America when our country turns on one of its own states in defence of a foreign government that intends to cause harm and cares nothing about our nation.The Obama administrations treatment ment of Arizona is similar to a parent blaming their daughter for being raped it is horrifying and disturbing.While all this is taking place we have cities such as San Francisco that will provide a place for illegals to hide breaking federal law with absolutely no retaliation from the Obama administration? Arizona is not breaking any laws and San Francisco is and Arizona is in court?Politics has no place in the enforcement of our laws yet Obama and crew have skirted these laws abused democracy and are guilty of treason for these actions.


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