On September 11 2001 we were attacked by Muslims and many innocent people died from this cowardly attack. Now after the bombing and clearing of some of Americas most sacred icons of buildings we have a Muslim group requesting a place of worship on the very ground that they had their greatest success in killing Americans.This will most likely serve as a icon of accomplishment and success to come for radical islamist something taken out of the Hitler strategy book. We have politicians such as mayor Bloomberg that have signed on in support of this tragedy. One would ask why a fellow American betray his fellow Americans in support of such a horrific event? We must first question was this the grand plan all along and the Muslims have finally achieved their goal.Did Bloom berg take his eye off the flag in return for a promise of the white house similar to what was done for Obama with fraudulent Internet funding and voter fraud all sponsored by a foreign government undermining our democracy? It would appear some of the greatest enemies of America live right here among us as displayed by the actions of these politicians supporting this project anything for a buck or political gain right? Only in America will you see such selfish acts of insensitivity and stupidity .The logic of calling this act a means to better relations with the Muslim community is sickening. The radical Muslims bombed us so now we grant them the right to build a strategic head quarters where they bombed us I guess it is the bomb and build philosophy again only in America.Let us honor our fallen from the 911 tragedy and the wars thereafter and stop this political statement and invasion by Muslim extremist.



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