Lindsey Graham has brought this topic to congress 340,000 children born in the USA yearly but conceived in Mexico. Should these children be citizens of the USA even though the came in illegally? My answer their parents are illegal so are the children no citizenship but jail for parents and cps for children until deportation.No reward for criminal activity just penalties and punishment as the case of all other criminals no exceptions. This BS needs to stop there is a difference between humanity and invasion we are being invaded used and abused.




  1. countryboy Says:

    The working middle class is now a slave in a free country.We must work to pay an ever increasing tax that is going to support benefits for illegals as well as giving them money to send back to Mexico to support their families while we go without. I am told it is not uncommon for an illegal Mexican man to have a family back in Mexico as well as one here in the states. He will send the money he makes working here in the states to his wife and kids in Mexico while letting the U.S. Government take care of those here via welfare etc. We citizens get screwed coming and going.
    Cut the benifits and let them eat cactus in jail before deportation as well as take all assets in the USA that should slow it down..

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