Democratic politicians of today are typically drunk,stoned ,ignorant and abusing prescription drugs as nothing else could justify their support for the demise of this country. Democrats of today are more concerned with the rights of illegal aliens and catering to radical Muslims than   creating jobs in America or supporting the rights of citizens of America. Oh and do not ignore the fact this president is allowing Iran to develop nuclear bombs to attack Israel and the west.It is sad to see these dumb asses tear up the constitution of the USA  at the request of a socialist Muslim president.The only positive thing about this is November is soon and we can take out the trash at least most of it as Obama will wait until the next round unless we impeach him which is highly possible. It would appear that the dumber you are the greater your success in the Democratic party if you look at the current leaders such as Harry Reid,Nancy Pelosi, Barack Hussain Obama, and many others.The Democratic party is soon to be known as the socialist welfare party as opposed to the party of the middle class which they once were key.This party must be completely removed from all political offices giving them a wake up call and time to regroup and get back to the roots of the party and back to center as opposed to far left. There are plenty of  other left wing parties that can cater to the radical minority views .As we review the democrats policies of the past four years on this labor day one sees they have created a huge national debt and unprecedented unemployment while running jobs out of our country with red tape and bureaucracy. And if we thought we had seen it all now Obama wants to spend another fifty billion on a jobs bill. Simply ridding the country of illegal aliens would put fifty billion into the economy without spending additional money thereby not creating more debt economics 101 take the course Obama. I know this will cost you the Hispanic vote but it will get you votes from others although it is a moot point as you will never be elected to a second term you have already screwed up beyond repair. No Mr Obama this is not a Mess created by Bush but by you and the democratic house and congress during the Bush years that you were apart of and you voted for increased spending this is your mess Obama no more playing the blame game.


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  1. MCGILL Says:

    Is that Obama ?

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