We as Americans have the best health care in the world yet the system is in need of some repair.Due to the increase cost of malpractice insurance from frivolous lawsuits and too much government.ALL OF US HAVE EXPERIENCED the Doctor who has ten minutes only for you as they have another patient in the next room and several more waiting in the lobby.The patient to Doctor ratio is out of proportions and the compensation is sometimes less than adequate for the services rendered thanks to illegal immigrants who get free services at our expense driving up cost. We are experiencing a decline of professionals who choose medicine as their career and the Obama administration and their health care reform bill have increased the likelihood that less will seek the medical field as a career and more will be depending on services yet going without.We will see nurses and office staff making health care decisions as Doctors will not be available henceforth we will see  a decline in care.Next we see a decline in the general health of Americans and decline in moral as well as uncertainty in the business community.One must realize this plan is an attack on the heart of America and potentially part of a greater plan by the administration to destroy America in line with the muslim agenda.


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