Here we go again another career politician looking to continue sucking the blood out of our system with the liberal tax and spend agenda.We have already seen Jerry as Governor of California once and was on the leading edge of California’s decline.He was a flop the first time around why would you expect anything different now? He is not the solution but the problem do not be fooled by his attack ad on Meg Whitman about an illegal immigrant house keeper how weak and cheap he knows he is in trouble. It is politicians like Jerry Brown who have created the illegal immigration problem in California. California beware there is a snake in the race and they call it Jerry. California you have a chance to elect someone who knows business and how to grow business and create or the alternative of more of the same tax and spend liberal policies with no resolution on illegal immigration or the decline of California’s economy.Meg will turn California around Jerry will run California into the ground the decision seems pretty basic. Vote for prosperity California vote Whitman.


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