Jerry Brown is such a disappointment as the next Governor for California as he is nothing more than a Grey Davis. We all know Arnold is a dumb ass but there is no reason to throw the baby out with the bath water.If California would like to reconcile this poor decision they could impeach Brown and call for a new election.Jerry Brown better known as moon beam is a tax and spend liberal as well as being suspected of being a bisexual as well as having a drug problem so he is far from being the solution to California woes.  Texas is doing so well economically you would never see a Brown,Boxer or Pelosi in Texas maybe we as Californians should correct our mistakes and move on. I move to impeach Jerry Brown right here right now.


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13 Responses to “IMPEACH JERRY BROWN”

  1. Honest Abe Says:

    Again you dumb ass Californians you just elected a white Obama you are so screwed. Ha HA…soon you will be borrowing one billion a day and drinking sewer water as the Mexican drug cartel sells drugs to your children all with the blessings of Brown and Obama. Goodbye California.You can not resolve the problem by empowering those who are the problem.

  2. Cynthia Says:

    California does not need to wait any longer, Impeach this person. NOW. I impeach you Jerry Brown NOW! I impeach you NOW. You do not care about the natural born citizen of this state.

  3. gary lupei Says:

    jerry brown was suppost to let the people vote for everything but hasn’t done it yet and he is to much for the mexicans and no one else. it time to get a fare person in there who cares about the poor people not the rich all the time!!!!! “F” jerry brown!!!

  4. SUSAN Says:

    IMPEACH JERRY BROWN! It is insane that they are rewarding people for breaking the law! We should be marching on Washington to stop burdening the US taxpayers with this insanity of taking scholarships from the children of hard working tax paying citizens and giving them to the law breaking illegal aliens! WAKE UP AMERICA!

  5. Lou Says:

    Jerry Brown, what will you do when all the tax payers leave the state and have nothing but welfare, food stamp recipeints, drug dealers and illegal aliens living next door to you? I hope you feel proud of your dream act, because for the rest of us, it is a nightmare! Get out of office dumb ass!

  6. Warren Hiles Says:

    yes he needs to go now .the good hard working people are leaving we are sick of paying high taxes and dealing with new stupid laws that cater to the illegals and the welfare its getting hard to live here,we someone like sherrif joe from az.

  7. jerrybrownisthedevil Says:

    I Demand the Impeachment of Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown. He has betrayed all of us in California and the USA. He must be getting some high dollars from Mexican drug cartels and special interest groups for his involvement in this TRAITOROUS “California Dream Act”. If I could, I would leave this state immediately. As it is I am stuck here with a business, home and warehouse that are consistently losing value. When exactly do you leave a sinking ship? Now, my friends, Now.

  8. james sindar Says:

    the only good thing about jerry brown is that he didn”t reproduce

    • middleclassmessenge1 Says:

      True so true as this country is filled with worthless politicians and scums such as Jerry Brown. The last thing we need is to have them reproducing.

  9. Perry Says:

    I vote to Impeach Jerry Brown. If any of you have a 1/2 ton pickup, you will see that he raised weight Fees by about 200% My registration last year was $79.00 for an 89 Chevy 1/2 ton pickup. This year, it is $179.00. I cant believe that Jerry Brown is such a Coward ass to have a silent vote….. wait.. Yes I can… Jerry Brown has always been a Coward. He is NOT for California, Jerry Brown is for Himself and always on his knees to suck the cocks of those that can put him in higher office. Get the Fuck OUt of California Jerry !! WE DONT WANT YOU !!

  10. Perry Says:

    HOnest Abe, In reply to your comment, Jerry Brown did NOT win the Vote, Again, we have Politics. To Hell with what the People Say… The Government will do what they want. No One voted for Brown, I repeat, No One !! Jerry Brown got in because he is a major kiss-ass and a no life that has a few friends he makes rich by screwing over Californians. In my previous post you will see, Jerry Brown SECRETLY raised taxes ie. weight fees on 1/2 ton pickup trucks. WTF !!!!! Its not like we haul heavy loads but its his lil sneaky way to hurt more Californians. Tax & Spend, Tax & Spend. What happens when California goes in the toilet because of all his idiodic ideas & taxes? A State Fails.
    Thats why I post here tonite. Im Born & raised Californian and Im Proud to be a Californian! And I want Jerry Brown OUT !!!! Lets Impeach his ass & get a true Californian Citizen for Govenor !!

  11. Lydia Montes Says:

    True citizens dont vote for these leftist nazies. But the new immigrants think the left is for the poor so they vote them in so does the liberals

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