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  1. True Patriot Says:

    My compliments MiddleClass Messenger. Excellent video saying everything that has to be said.

    However, I will not call Obama President, because he is an illegal communist muslim jihadist usurping fraud.

    Time for this dog to be unseated, & believe me I am working on it as hard as I can.

    God Bless America. 2011 Year of Victory for American Patriots

    • middleclassmessenge1 Says:

      True Patriot if you get a chance go back to my blogs prior to the election and follow it to current post and you will see you and I are on the same team. I feel the only reason Obama is stalling on illegal immigration is he is an illegal. I agree 100% he is not a citizen of the USA AND HE IS NOT OUR PRESIDENT but rather an fraudulent implant as a result of internet voting fraud as well as foreign contributions from the middle east. The laws of this country were broken as far as this presidential election yet Republicans sat quietly on their hands and let the crime take place changing the principals this country was founded on.I not only want Obama out of the White House but I want him jailed for treason and fraud. He is not a citizen.

  2. True Patriot Says:

    All true. I am proposing all powers be given to the States, shut down D.C entirely.

    Get rid of: Dept of Education, FDA,EPA, State Dept., Pentagon, Homeland Security (Not), and all governments programs. Save this country the trillions, save America, go back to all most the “colony” mentality, and shut down D.C.

    Purge D.C entirely and get rid of these Communists/Marxists infiltrating Scum.

    They can be controlled more so on a state per state level. No to say that this will get rid of the corruption because there is always be corrupt traitors.

    I have been warning everyone about “Faux” news the lying traitors who claim to be fair and balanced. They are traitors and frauds. Since ’07
    they have really gone to the Communist dogs.

    I have called my cable company and requested to have all of these stations removed. There is no news on TV. Just lying spinning propaganda.

    Megan Kelly the traitor fraud was spinning for Obama saying he is legal to be President. Kelly is a joke and a fraud. So is Beck & O’Reilly.

    These 3 bad traitors have tried and tried to undermine us Constitutionalists/Patriots aggressively unseating Obamamow Se Tung.

    “Faux” News is busted. I have warned my fellow patriots since ’07 they have gone to the dogs. Beck is very good at making Tea Party types think he is on our side. He is a lying fraud. He puts out stories to distract and make you think he is our friend. He is not . He is a complete fraud and O’Reilly can’t stop kissing O’s butt. Excuse my language, this is not my normal way of expressing myself, however there is no other descriptive for these frauds. I am sick and tired of America tuning in to “Faux” news paying them hard earned money and being lied to.

    The only anchor on “Faux” who has not attacked us is Hannity. He has chosen to stay out of our movement to get Obama unseated.

    The rest including Napolitano have chosen to go out of their way to undermine our movements to get rid of this illegal fraud.

    I still watch Fox Business Channel, but no longer have “Faux” news.

    The blood of this country is on the hands of all these traitors, high ranking coward/traitor General and Joint Chiefs, corrupt Politicans,
    corrupt Judges, Corrupt Kangaroo Courts, Corrupt Supreme Court.

    Clarence Thomas came out during the Kurchner Case, and said the Supreme Court would not hear the cases on ineligibility. So now he is traitor rearing his ugly head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Every where we turn we are being silenced. Well I have news for the bastards. The lid is blowing off this massive coverup of this fraud.

    And that is without any help from the liars over at “Faux” News.

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