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One Response to “Patriot action network”

  1. True Patriot Says:

    As a True Patriot I also have been totally disgusted with the “supposed” leaders of some of these Tea Party orgs. This letter is 100% correct in exposing the lunatics in charge.

    Darla Dawald the last time I was in a TP, was with a group called Resist net
    and now all of a sudden they have changed their name to Patriot Action Network. BS Same old nag. She is a disgrace and has tried to silence all of us who are unseating Obama, and she also tried to undermine our work with Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, our brave American hero who has stood alone between us and tyranny.

    This bunch is self serving and got in trouble for funneling money into their own little pockets under Resist Net, so they changed their name.

    I find it extremely revealing that she responds to a letter that was not addressed to her, but Steve Elliott over at Grassfire Nation. So now they are sharing emails which is illegal. So left like isn’t it?

    Not only does she respond, but attacks the messenger who is only addressing the problem. Everything in that letter hits the nail on the head, so the guilty speak up.

    This is why some of the TP’s are in trouble. Darla Dawald is a self serving fraud, and the nice patriots still in this group are only trying to help our country. Dawald is standing in their way.

    She has yet to respond as to why she is answering the letter to Steve Elliott. Dawald has once again proved she has a self serving arrogance similar to Obama.

    This attitude will not help save America, the constant tyranny upon our nation, nor get anything of value done.

    Since this letter is now on many sites on the net everyone is seeing the truth of Dawald. She, along with Dee at Tea Party Express are frauds.

    We The People, need all the true patriots we can get to save this country. There is no time for this pettiness and childish behavior from someone who has appointed herself a leader. BS

    Anything but. Kudos to Jan. She is a brave American and only wants to save America, while Dawald is offended.

    Just think Dawald is offended that Jan is trying to save America from this illegal fraud in our White House. What does that say about this group?

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