We can only hope that Egypt finds a peaceful and sensible resolution to this political crisis avoiding any increase in power by the radical muslim brotherhood.If unrest in the middle east escalates and radical groups such as the muslim brotherhood and others rise to power war will be eminate.When Iserial is attacked the war will become nuclear and everyone loses.


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  1. True Patriot Says:

    It will at least be an excuse for WWIII. This is a false flag and crisis administration of Commmunist thugs so they will not let a good
    crisis they invented go to waste.

    Things are heating up and it is time to lock, load and pray.

    God, Guns, Ammo and Food. We are at a crisis point.

    Dept of DHS now has the right to seize all safe deposit boxes and everything in it, yet news media is not reporting it.

    Everyone better get their stuff out of any safe deposit box.

  2. countryboy Says:

    If Egypt falls into the hands of the muslim brotherhood we should have a bomb first ask questions later policy. Isreal probably should do the same as we know this will be a death sentance to Isreal and possibly the world.

  3. Anthony Carfagno Says:

    Better get ALL your assets and turn them into something tangible (touchable) pre-65 silver coins, gas in red containers, bottled water, seed, can goods. etc.
    Most important
    Jesus in your heart

  4. Anthony Carfagno Says:

    Guys …
    Notice: The symbol on this site are Illuminati

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