Is WWIII eminent as we watch the invisible fence between Israel and Egypt being torn down by a blood thirsty Iran eager for conflict with Israel and the west. It appears Egypt’s new regime feels the 1979 treaty needs to be revisited which is just another sign that the muslim brotherhood terrorist are influencing the egyptian government. Israel is a rich country and should focus on purchasing as much arms as possible to defend herself as I am certain that the Obama administration will not come to the aid of Israel as this would offend his brothers in the muslim brotherhood and his true calling.Israel will be justified in defending herself even if it means going nuclear as it is hard to reason with radicals following an imaginary ideology as well as just being stupid.


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  1. True Patriot Says:

    I hope Israel does go nuclear and blast all of these savage evil bastards out of existence.

    and Good Riddance for the entire world. They contribute nothing bringing only evil, violence and death, while pretending to be a religion,.

  2. countryboy Says:

    I hope there is no conflict before the 2012 presidential elections as I am sure Obama is out and there goes all ties to the muslim brotherhood. If we have a republican president we will have Israel’s back no nukes needed and better for all.

  3. middleclassmessenge1 Says:

    I hope that is the case as a nuclear war would be a tragedy for the world.The blood that comes from such a war will be on Obama’s hands as he could prevent much of the esculation of Iran’s nuclear program but he is allowing it to continue.2012 will either be a new start with hope or it could be the end of a civilazation.

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