America needs to re-evaluate our failed policies in the Middle East. Every president following Ronald Regan has failed in the middle east yet no president seems to learn from his predecessor. There is no reason for us to be intervening in the middle east had we developed our own resources and relieved ourselves of dependence on foreign oil we would not be beholden to this black hole of doom. Our solders are being killed on foreign soil liberating countries from radical dictators with no gratitude from these countries or reward. These actions cost the American tax payer billions of dollars while creating grief for many parents and spouses due to the unjustified loss of a loved one in a police action we are not and must not act as the world police. Why is it Americas responsibility to pay for these wars with tax payer funds and the blood of our own. There is no logical answer so one must only assume there is some unknown creed that requires us to lay our lives on the line for a people who hate us and the American people are nothing more than sheep for slaughter. We have supplied arms to Egypt and Saudi Arabia so the can defend themselves as well as take action when needed yet they call on us to do the job and we do so. Our solders signed up to defend America not to fight other countries battles as some second class citizen or slave because we worship a different god. We need to develop our resources and become energy independent and cut our ties with the middle east and OPEC.


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  1. True Patriot Says:

    Obama has illegally declared War on Libya without going through the Congress, and is allowing Nato to rule, but using our money to do it.

    We can not afford any more war, yet Obama is doing everything he can to destroy America piece by piece. We have a lame , do nothing, bunch of saps in Congress who should all be recalled.

    At this point the only hope is for We The People to shut down D.C. It is a corrupt cesspool of destruction, and a monster spending us out of existence.

    It is time for Obama to be unseated NOW!! I have been on the committees to unseat this illegal communist marxist usurping fraud, & now that Donald Trump has come forward mentioning the lack of a B.C maybe we can finally be heard. Up until now we have been silenced while this illegal Jihadist Obama is terrorizing our nation, destroying it daily before our very eyes.

    All while the brave, courageous Lt. Col. Terry Lakin sits in Leavenworth Prison for refusing to deploy to Afghanistan, until Obama releases his records of proof that he is eligible to be President. Not a word from any media including “Faux” news, which I no longer watch. I use the internet now for all accurate news of what is really going on. I am singling out “Faux” news because they still pretend to be the Conservative voice, but they are not. They are traitors as a group.

    O’Reilly, Beck, Megan Kelly, Greta, Judge Napalitano have all betrayed us, and are silent on O’s lack of documentation, & with Trump getting in our movement it will be interesting to see how all of these traitors handle their lies on the air?

    Sean Hannity has chosen not to come out and attack those of us trying to unseat Obama so I have to speak up on his behalf, nor has Cavuto, or Stuart Varney; but most of the rest of “Faux” news has betrayed us.

    “We The People” will have to stand strong and do this for America. I have 2 grandchildren which will have no future if we do not do this.

    I would encourage all of you to go to SafeGuardOurConstitution and get updates on Terry Lakin’s sacrifices to save America as all military takes an oath to do under our Constitution.

    The high ranking Generals, and Joint Chiefs are complete cowards and have betrayed America. They are more worried about their cushy pensions, than the future of this country!!

    Sorry I got a bit off subject, but this blow up in the middle east I have no doubt Obama, and his thugs the Muslim Brotherhood are behind.

    Gadaffi is a thug dictator, but he is no threat to the U.S. at all. Libya only produces less than 2% of the world’s oil so why all of this dismantling of the middle east? Obama, Soros, Ayers, Van Jones are all behind this to set the Muslim Brotherhood thugs in place.

    We know what Gadaffi is, we do not know what will replace him?

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