This administration is too concerned about offending muslims by giving Bin Laden an Islamic burial at sea as well as not showing the photo of his death. Is he dead ? Let’s see it. Why the attention to the burial rights of a Muslim? Should have hung him in a TREE   for the crows to feed on film it for all radicals to see so they know what the can expect. America needs justice and closure no pussy footen around with ignorant radicals hit them hard and fast and you will have respect do as we have done in this case and the game has not changed just a new team.


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  1. True Patriot Says:

    I do not believe any of this BS. Back in 2004-05 intel reported Bin Laden had kidney disease & without treatment would not live long. Since there is no dialysis in caves, he could not risk coming out of hiding to seek medical care.

    If you look at the timing of this news, first we have the 2nd forged BC last week, and now another issue.

    Obama is desperate to hide his past, he still has his records sealed including the authentic BC, while he produces a forged BC.

    Do not believe this propaganda. The raid probably killed some of the other Al Queda terrorist, but I guarantee you Bin Laden in buried some time back, while Al Queda allowed the world to think their messiah is still alive, their GodFather of Mass Murder.

    No body, no pics, no credibility. Nothing this illegal fraud in the WH says is believable.

    And also notice how the reward has not been mentioned?

    This is nothing but a total scam. I have the utmost respect for our Navy Seals, they are the best in the world, but again the body they supposedly buried at sea was not Bin Laden.

    As for this illegal muslim thug Obama and this touchy feeley, burial at sea, it exposes his allegiance with Islam. Lying Muslim fraud.

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